Modern Whigs to hold physical meetings

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The Modern Whig Party: A Party for the Rest of Us

To the members of the Modern Whig Party,

During the run of the historic Whigs, luminaries such as Abraham Lincoln organized “mass meetings” to build the party from the ground up and gain mainstream support. In that tradition, the Modern Whig Party continues to host such events for our thousands of members. Gatherings have already taken place in numerous places such as Missouri, New York and Texas, as well as substantial online venues. Deployed service members also have quietly organized meetings. In fact, our next mass meeting is set to take place in Washington, DC.

To that end, we are asking all of our leaders and active members to continue organizing mass meetings. Such events are not meant to be meticulously planned affairs in stuffy environments. Instead, organize in a bar. Meet at a restaurant. Host a house party. Arrange a pot luck picnic. Book a community center. The mass meetings are designed to get people together to better organize, network, discuss strategy, politics, candidates and anything else in a fun and laid-back atmosphere. In addition, since this is a movement based on common-sense and rational thought as opposed to ideology, all are welcome regardless of political affiliation or membership.

Next Modern Whig Party Mass Meeting

When: Friday, April 24, 2009 at 7 PM

Where: Millie & Al’s, located in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC (2440 18th St NW)

Who: Anyone and everyone

Purpose: Meet & Greet with national party leadership, discuss strategy, politics, candidates and anything else in a fun and laid-back atmosphere.

RSVP requested: email

Best regards,

Executive Committee
The Modern Whig Party

5 thoughts on “Modern Whigs to hold physical meetings

  1. G.E.

    The historic Whigs were mercantilists in the old Federalist mold. Both parties were unable to win electorally, and thus became extinct. Third time’s a charm: The National-Socialist GOP, which cobbled out a presidential win with a fraction of the popular vote, and then proceeded to make war against anyone who disagreed with the old Federalist/Whig agenda.

  2. HS


    There was a meeting in NYC with some national committee members at the end of March. The next New York Chapter mass meeting is being held a little away from the city in West Point in May. I believe it’s out there so as not to alienate those living in other parts of the state.

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