Rev. Billy Talen youtube videos

Videos compiled by Gregg Jocoy at Green Party Watch. Rev. Billy Talen is seeking the Green Party nomination for Mayor of New York City. Jocoy, who also writes here at IPR, will be interviewing Talen on GPW radio at 5 PM Eastern today.

5 thoughts on “Rev. Billy Talen youtube videos

  1. Ross Levin

    Me, too. I think my interview might be more political than Gregg’s. I’m glad he’s doing his the way he is because it gives me something to talk about!

  2. Green Ferret

    Some topics I’d like you to broach:

    -instant runoff voting
    -transportation (subways, cars, trucks, buses, bikes, walking, etc)
    -drug policy
    -public campaign financing
    -building the Green party
    -education policy
    -environmental justice

    to name just a few 😉

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