Active Green leads action to disbar Bush officials

Two groups called the Velvet Revolution and Voters for Peace have taken action to have twelve Bush administration officials disbarred, or lose the ability to legally practice law, for “providing legal cover for the war crime of torture.”  That quote is from Kevin Zeese, a board member of both organizations, and a Green Party Senate candidate in 2006.  He ran in Maryland and got 1.5 percent of the vote.  Zeese was actually nominated by the Greens, Libertarians, and Populists in that state, but the law changed during his campaign so that he could only accept one party’s nomination.  He was also active in other Green campaigns, and was Ralph Nader’s spokesman in 2004.

Multiple attorney generals and Bush administration officials, like John Yoo and David Addington, are being targeted for their justification of techniques ranging from waterboarding to sleep deprivation.  The website for the coalition of groups seeking to disbar the attorneys is here.

17 thoughts on “Active Green leads action to disbar Bush officials

  1. MJL

    I’ve worked with Kevin Zeese on a few projects. He’s a great guy and sharp as a tack. He offers some excellent credibility and knowledge that would be an asset for any group, albeit lefty, that is lucky enough to have him.

  2. George Phillies

    The actual list of organizations here is way larger than two. The Associated Press report seriously misrepresents what is happening here, continuing a long list of points where it has been accused of slanting its reporting to favor the Bush Republican War Crimes Party. A more accurate list of sponsors is found (aren’t search engines a wonderful invention) here

    with a list of organizations including
    Republicans for Impeachment
    Progressive Democrats of America
    Impeach Bybee
    Prosecute Bush/Cheney
    After Downing Street
    Buzz FlashOp Ed News
    Coalition Repair Project
    Progressive Magazine
    Global Network
    Justice Through Music
    Media With Conscience
    Bend-C Friendship Project
    Citizens for Legitimate Government
    Center for Study of Democratic Societies
    The World Can’t Wait
    American Freedom Campaign
    Liberty Tree
    BFUU Social Justice Campaign
    Peace for Justice Forums
    WESPAC Foundation
    PDA Marin County
    Central Jersey Impeach Group
    Chesapeake Citizens
    Topple Bush
    Stop Recruiters WWU
    Whatcom Peacebuilders Club
    Iraq Veterans for Justice
    Longmont Citizens for Justice and Democracy
    Bill of Rights Defense Committee
    The Democratic Activists
    The Solution Zone
    Patrick Henry Democratic Club
    Epluribus Media
    Consumers for Peace
    No Nukes North
    Veterans for Peace
    Florida Peace Action Network
    Reclaim the GOP
    Boston Anti-War League
    Voters for Peace
    Campaign for Fresh Air and Clean Politics

  3. Kevin Zeese

    Thanks for the comments.

    I hope other groups will sign on to the effort. Go to and sign up. Individuals and organizations are welcome.

    At VotersForPeace.US we see this as part of an ongoing campaign that we hope will build. Please visit the site and sing up so you can be part of it.

    There are other torture lawyers still in the government and out of government that may be targets of additional complaints. We will let it be known that if they come forward with information about the development of the torture policy they will be less likely to find themselves defending the legal license.


  4. Michael Cavlan


    I will get Impeach For Peace to sponsor it also.

    problem is, how do we make this happen when the Democrats are the ones getting in the way and legions of progressive groups refuse to hold them accountable?

  5. mdh

    That website put my organization name under the individual names section. Ooops. Anyways, the Libertarian Party of West Virginia is signed on. 🙂

  6. Green Ferret

    @5: Apparently the groups supporting the action are all part of the Velvet Revolution coalition. Democracy Now reported the same:

    “On Monday, a coalition of advocacy groups called the Velvet Revolution filed disciplinary complaints with state bar licensing boards on the grounds that the attorneys violated the Geneva Conventions, the Convention Against Torture and American law.”

    And speaking of Velvet Revolution, Vaclav Havel announced yesterday that he is supporting the Green Party in European elections:

  7. pdsa

    News of this was posted at The Jurist yesterday too:

    Andrew Morgan, “Lawyers who authored interrogation memos should be disbarred: coalition“, The Jurist, May 18, 2009

    Michael Cavlan, why are you pitching GOP talking points? The progressives I know are screaming for torture investigations; Pelosi be damned, if that’s the way the cards play. Leahy is still calling for investigations, as are many Democratic legislators. They are being blocked by all Republicans and a a few blue-dogs on The Hill. So why blame the Democrats first?

  8. Ross Levin

    Party shouldn’t matter on this issue. There should be investigations and anyone who broke the law should be prosecuted appropriately.

  9. Alan Pyeatt

    Glad to see this. And thanks for the info. re: supporting groups, George. Iraq Veterans for Justice should be a particularly persuasive group.

    BTW, anybody who says attorneys can’t be prosecuted or disbarred for stating an opinion should be forced to watch “Judgement at Nuremburg” until they hallucinate.

  10. Jim Davidson

    This activity seems very worthwhile. I appreciate all efforts to target war criminals.

    John Yoo recently got an editorial position of some sort with the Philadelphia Inquirer. Time for a boycott?

  11. HS


    Please announce a boycott for the Enquirer. Philly newspapers need all the help and attention they can to stay afloat 🙂

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