California Green Party opposes all ballot propositions

A set of proposals will be voted on soon in California. The propositions will be decided in a May 19th ballot, and the Green Party in California is panning them all. reports that the California Nurses Association, which supported Ralph Nader in his Green Party backed 2000 run, has also voted to recommend against voters passing the proposals.

From the article:

The Green Party of California today – after polling its members and county councils statewide for the past month – strongly urged state voters to vote “no” on all propositions on the May 19 special ballot, calling the plan a “rotten deal.”

17 thoughts on “California Green Party opposes all ballot propositions

  1. Ayn R. Key

    1F seems to be the point of disagreement. Some say “it is the only good one so lets vote for it.” Others say “repudiate the whole mess they put on the ballot.”

    Not counting 1F this means the Greens, the Libertarians, and the Republicans are in agreement.

  2. Michael Seebeck

    The LPCA endorsed 1F without debate on the recommendation of the Legislative Analysis Committee, but frankly, 1F doesn’t do much beyond symbolism anyway. The fiscal impact is minute.

  3. Michael Seebeck

    TPR, that’s in signature gathering at the moment for the November ballot.

  4. gravel kucinich paul nader

    Please be frosty.

    911 & the anthrax cover-ups
    the “federal” reserve bankers
    aipac extortion blackmail bribery

    Non random

  5. libertariangirl

    is it me or had comments fallen off greatly w/o paulie? and i miss his cat in a tinfoil hat pics for everytime someone said some crazy shit like above 🙁 and i miss his video posts , but most of all i miss him because im starting to get the feeling its really not the same w/o him.

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