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Lynne Williams on the 25th anniversary of the Maine Green Independent Party

In an article published at The Exception Magazine, Bar Harbor attorney Lynne Williams discussed the Green Party’s Ten Key Values and the connection between the economy and the environment.

About a year or so ago I was interviewed by a reporter for the Ellsworth American and he asked me what I would like Mainers to know about the Greens. I responded that I would like people to understand that we are more than just environmentalists, that we understand economics and that most of all we understand the natural interconnection between the economy and ecology.

As has been reported at Green Party Watch here, Williams is an announced candidate for the Maine Green Independent Party’s gubernatorial nomination for the 2010 election.

According to this article at, former state legislator John Eder may also be considering a run for the party’s nomination, giving the Maine Green Independent Party their first contested race for that nomination.

The more official Maine Campaign Finance website also lists Patrick Quinlan as seeking the nomination, so a contested race seems to be in the cards.

Also at Green Party Watch, Williams has been mentioned in this article about the celebration of their 25 year milestone, and here in an article about Greens in Bar Harbor persuading their city to join other cities in opposing a possible war on Iran. Independent Political Report covers a profile by Mike Tipping at his site, The Tipping Point.

Williams is a lawyer with a Doctorate in psychology who grew up in New York, lived in San Fransisco for much of her life, and moved to Maine in 1998. She has worked in government, owned an independent book store, and now does legal work for a variety of causes including RESTORE: The North Woods and groups opposing an LNG terminal in Passamaquoddy Bay, wind farms in two locations in Maine, and water extraction by bottling companies.

Williams is a member of the legal advisory board for Americans for Safe Access, a group advancing legal medical marijuana therapeutics and research. Williams is also a member of the National Lawyers Guild

She has established a Facebook page which has a lot of content, and the Bangor Daily News published an article by Bill Trotter in which Williams addresses the current economic situation.

“The Green party platform, and my own values, are particularly suited to guiding a state through this type of [difficult economic] period,” Williams said in the statement. “I seek to create a new definition of growth and progress, where such terms are not defined by how many Wal-Marts are in a region, but rather by how much people in that region support and patronize their own locally owned businesses.”

Williams also has at least two videos posted to YouTube.

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  1. Green Ferret Green Ferret May 10, 2009

    There are also rumors (via Green Party Watch) that John Eder may be considering the governor’s race himself. At any rate, it’s a promising sign for the Maine Greens to be heading for a contested gubernatorial primary with good candidates vying for the nod.

    A side note to whoever posted this – could you kindly categorize Green-related posts under “Green Party”? Otherwise readers of IPR miss uncategorized posts when they search by category. Thanks.

  2. Mike Indiana Mike Indiana May 8, 2009

    Patrick Quinlan despite having less name recognition then Williams (who’s is minimal), may be a better candidate. At the very least he has a much stronger political resume. In 2002, Quinlan served as campaign manager for John Eder’s successful run for State Representative. Quinlan also served as a consultant to Eder’s successful 2004 re-election campaign , and as Eder’s legislative aide at the Maine State House during 2004 and 2005.

  3. Jay Jay May 8, 2009

    Its always good to see members of any party being a part of establishments like Americans for Safe Access- very professional organizations that believe in legalizing medical marijuana. Support Williams!

  4. Catholic Trotskyist Catholic Trotskyist May 8, 2009

    I would hope so. Even I have a website now!!-granted I haven’t updated in four months.
    David Cobb was a great candidate in 2004 because he understood the importance of the Democratic Party winning even if green principles are sacrificed. Even though the Democrats didn’t win that year, his efforts are applauded by Catholic Trotskyists. The Maine Greens are better than most third parties, and managed not to spoil the Democrats most of the time, but they will still lose most of the time in the future continually.

  5. Ross Levin Ross Levin May 8, 2009

    Does ‘Citizens for a Better Veterans Home’ have a website?

  6. Donald Raymond Lake Donald Raymond Lake May 8, 2009

    Ah, as sabotaged [wooden shoes] by 2004 disaster in waiting, Patricia LaMashe and her ‘unindicted co- conspirator ‘Corn’ Cobb. Ah, Maine Greenies must be ‘so proud’!

    —- Citizens For A Better Veterans Home

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