Southwest Georgia Libertarian Spreads Message

Libertarians in Southwest Georgia invited everyone to discuss libertarian ideas and talk about the LP message. They are hoping to start a local chapter of the party in Albany.

Here’s an excerpt:

They hope to start a local chapter in Albany. One of their main topics was trying to clear up misconceptions about the Libertarian party. Vice Chairman, Tom Knighton plans has big expectations.

You can read the whole article here. Source: Fox 31, WFXL.

6 thoughts on “Southwest Georgia Libertarian Spreads Message

  1. Danny S

    On a note about Georgia Libertarians, John Monds, who claimed 34%ish of the vote in his election in 2008 is now running for Governor on the same ballot line.

  2. Tomcat

    Holy Crap! I made IPR! (for the record, that’s me quoted).

    What isn’t in the article is that we did approve bylaws and just need approval from the Executive Committe of LP-GA, which we figure shouldn’t be a problem.

    John Monds was actually at the meeting as well, though the press had left before he got there unfortunately.

  3. Tomcat

    Oh, and for the record, we didn’t write ANY of that article. We can actually write the English language, more or less, in a way that is readable and makes at least some sense.

    However, the piece that was on the TV was better done, though very brief. The other local affiliate, WALB (NBC affiliate) was allegedly invited as well, but didn’t show, as were both local papers.

    Still, we got SOME press 😉

  4. Rocky Eades

    Tom, congratulations! Your affiliate application was unanimously approved by the LPGa ex-comm this evening. I’m sure Jeff already told you, but just in case he didn’t. I don’t think I’m breaking any confidentialities here; if so, f**k it.

  5. Tomcat


    Thanks for the heads up, but yeah, Jeff had already told me. I was chatting with him in IM while he was on the conference call 🙂

    We’re thrilled to be official!

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