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Nader: GM bankruptcy ‘a wipeout’

Former presidential candidate Ralph Nader has issued a press release on the occasion of today’s General Motors bankruptcy filing, scolding Congress and the “secretive, unaccountable, Wall Street-minded government task force” whose judgment it deferred to as the architects of needless hardship for thousands of GM stockholders, workers and consumers. Calling the proposed reorganization a “complex political nightmare” for president Obama, Nader goes on to call for three specific measures which he believes, along with other actions, would soften the potential devastation:

revisiting the serious drag-down, concessionary wage terms imposed on the United Auto Workers; demanding a moratorium on GM’s outsourcing of production of cars for sale in the United States; and establishing successorship liability for the new GM, so that victims of dangerous and defective GM cars can have their day in court.

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Fred Church Ortiz


  1. Michael Cavlan Michael Cavlan June 2, 2009

    CT and JIM.

    united in hatred of Nader and nut-jobbery.

    ain’t life and the free market of ideas grand?


  2. Catholic Trotskyist Catholic Trotskyist June 2, 2009

    As a Catholic Trotskyist, I share Jim’s hatred of Nader. Even though it’s for an entirely different reason, I would definitely cheer Jim on if Mike and him do have a fight. Nader’s advocation of seatbelt and airbag laws was an attack on personal liberty. And then he attacked socialism even more by going in with the Bush/McCain New World Order zionist control conspiracy, also betraying his Catholic religion, by allowing and aiding Bush and the Republicans to go into office. Nader only pretends to be a socialist; he is actually the mastermind of conservatism, the fascist/stalinist criminal of our time.
    Long live the nationalism of GM, long live socialism, and down with Nader’s false promises, amen.

  3. Michael Cavlan Michael Cavlan June 2, 2009

    Mr Davidson

    I will gladly return the favor if you come to my house, OK asshole? Take your tough computer talk and shove it right up your ass.

    OK, Sparky? I could give half a shit about your opinion. Like I said, let the free market of ideas prevail.

    Now kindly fuck off.

  4. Sean Kelly Sean Kelly June 2, 2009

    China will do a good job of building GM cars, Ralph. Like yourself, I would have preferred to see Japanese management with American workers from Tennessee, Florida, etc, but it’s too late for that now. China will keep the cost low and maintenance simple. To compete, Japan will have to deliver on its promise to modularize the whole car, not just the tires, headlights, and wipers. In short, the great Detroit Car Game is over — in 5-10 years, we’ll begin to see cars that will sell like computers in warehouse retail outlets, and our kids will wonder what all the hoopla was about.

  5. Matt Matt June 2, 2009

    Also, I’d add that Ralph Nader has never said a thing against the rights of the individual to own personal property.

    I have nothing against Libertarianism – but you are deluded.

  6. Matt Matt June 2, 2009

    Jim Davidson is unfortunately extremely misguided. Sounds like a hater, just looking for something to hate. Ralph Nader makes an easy target for people who have nothing better to do than spew hatred.

    Why don’t you offer up a constructive opinion instead of crying and spewing negative hate rhetoric about a man who has spent his entire life fighting for the rights of the workers, and the safety of the people?

    Comments like those make me think that as a species, we still have a lot of growing up to do. Luckily we are not all emotionally stunted, angry, stuck-up snobs. So that gives me some hope.

    Thank you, Mr. Nader, for your continued insight.

  7. Nate Nate June 2, 2009

    Hey Jimbo,

    really?? Are you seriously ranting about individual liberty while inviting someone into your home purely so you can kill them? Claiming someone to be an aggressor when he is clearly not, just to plead “it was self defense”? Really? You’re pretty sick, dude.

  8. Jim Davidson Jim Davidson June 2, 2009

    Okay, Mike. Why don’t we do it this way. You come to my home and stand over me and say word one, and I’ll be happy to send you to meet your maker. You come near me and I’ll assume it is to attack me. Therefore I’ll defend myself promptly and vigorously, with up to deadly force as I see fit.

    Ralph Nader is an evil socialist who hates individual liberty, private property, and life. He wants to destroy freedom by having the state nationalise everything. He wants to destroy private property by making it impossible for anyone to start a business without a million permits from scum fucks like yourself. And, of course, by destroying liberty and property he attacks, with every word he speaks, life itself.

    Ralph Nader is an evil man. That you don’t like me saying so is a fine reason for me to say so.

  9. Michael Cavlan Michael Cavlan June 2, 2009

    Jim Davidson

    You are certainly entitled to your opinion about Nader, No matter just how fucking stupid they make you look.

    Nader has led the way in trying to grant We The People more control in the government. By standing up and fighting the two party sham.

    But please, disable your Nader bells. If you are real lucky, you will look up and see me, standing there saying “Mr Davidson, I am Mike and I will be your Nurse.”

    I might even give you some pain medicines. Even an asshole like you. I meet your kind all the time. Self absorbed, demanding prats.

    Ok, rant finished.


  10. Jim Davidson Jim Davidson June 2, 2009

    I find it amusing that the guy who made his life’s work attacking GM and adding costs and obligations for every car made in the country, including deadly airbags which have killed many dozens of people, is upset now that he and his fiendish team of socialist thugs have helped drive GM into bankruptcy. Oh, the crocodile tears he’s crying.

    There is a reason why Ralph Nader should run for Congress, or Mayor, or something, and not president. Every time any American gets in a car, starts the ignition, and has something going on other than driving, that American hears bells. I call them Nader bells, because it was that particular asshole who put them there. I am sick of hearing Nader bells. When I am sufficiently pissed off, I disable them.

    He’ll never be elected president because his actions have pissed off far too many people. I’d vote against him just out of spite if I thought there were a chance in hell of him winning.

  11. Donald Raymond Lake Donald Raymond Lake June 1, 2009

    Letter tp the editor…………

    Here we go again. The NYT once again is broadcasting from FantasyLand. Yes, General Motors is an icon. Yes, Alfred P. Sloan was a genius. However, post world war II, GM has been digging it’s own grave since the 1950s.

    Cadillac as the standard for luxury? Maybe for ‘drivers’ who get behind the wheel after hobbling in their walker. Even in the fifties. Even in the back wards mid west. Cadillac was grandpa’s dream car. All three ‘coasts’ were probably a decade ahead of the culture curve.

    A vehicle for every niche? Oh, that decisive take over of Jeep for the pre SUV set. Oops, never happened!

    Over kill on the avalanche of makes and models. Strangling of creativity via layer after suffocating layer of so called management. These short falls were served up FOR DECADES.

    Watch out, auto companies are the only 21st century corporations facing the abyss.

    Donald Raymond Lake
    Late of Kansas City, Missouri

    263 Eucalyptus Court
    Chula Vista, California


  12. Gary Julian Gary Julian June 1, 2009

    Fools . . . and idiots.

    The RAPE of the U.S. Treasury by unions and corportations is staggering. There is no shame.

  13. asa asa June 1, 2009

    General Motors Corp. (GM) will ask a bankruptcy judge Monday for permission to tap about half the $33 billion in bankruptcy financing being provided by the U.S. and Canadian governments.

    After the UAW is fully funded, GM will file for a REAL bankruptcy. But not before taking 50+ billion taxpayers dollars. We are being taken as fools.

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