Communist Party USA ends print edition of People’s Weekly World

Ballot Access News reports that the Communist Party USA “will no longer produce a paper edition of its weekly newspaper, the People’s Weekly World. The paper will be an internet publication.” The article goes on to observe that few national political parties in the U.S. still publish print newsletters or newspapers, with the Libertarian Party’s LP News and the Socialist Workers Party’s The Militant among the few exceptions.

9 thoughts on “Communist Party USA ends print edition of People’s Weekly World

  1. Catholic Trotskyist

    Ggood decision. May it continue well as an Internet paper and soon come to embrace the glory of Christianity. That’s nice that they acknowledged the Libertarians.

  2. Mik Robertson

    It is always sad when things go out of print. Reading things on a screen makes my eyes hurt.

  3. Mik Robertson

    Can I just get the software and put it on the computer I already have? It still won’t replace getting newsprint on your fingers.

  4. Michael H. Wilson

    I heard they are going dirrectly to stone tablets. That way they can put more people to work. Their own stimulus program.

  5. Gene Berkman

    I guess the CPUSA has had trouble paying the printing bills since they lost their subsidy from Moscow.

    No big loss. I prefer two-ply anyway – it doesn’t leave ink on my butt.

  6. Richard Kerr

    With Pres. Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed, and the mainstream media pushing their agenda, the formally declared Communists have very little to do or to write about.

  7. KurtFF8

    Gene, the CPUSA actually did not recieve any sort of subsidy from Moscow, especially not towards the end of the cold war.

    They actually own the building they reside in and bring in quite a bit of money, so it isn’t that they are hurting for money. I think this was more of a “printing PWW is a waste of money” type of decision.

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