Independent Cahill ties governor in Massachusetts poll

A new Boston Globe poll shows State Treasurer Tim Cahill tied with Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick in a potential independent gubernatorial bid. Cahill and Patrick each poll 30 percent to Republican Charlie Baker’s 20 percent. If the Republican candidate is Christy Mihos, Patrick and Cahill tie at 31 percent each, with Mihos at 18 percent.

9 thoughts on “Independent Cahill ties governor in Massachusetts poll

  1. Robert Milnes

    Sunday July 26. Today is my birthday.///Whether this means much depends on Tim Cahill’s political ideology. If he is a dem or rep bucking the party system, not much. If he is a radical of some sort, that could be interesting! By the way, I think Deval Patrick was the next up in Massachusetts Mischief & Mayhem Maker’s Camelot Revisited Plan; in case Obama didn’t work out.

  2. Mattc

    Cahill is a “fiscally conservative” Democrat. At least that’s his reputation.

  3. R

    Mattc, well that is very logical. In that case he is a Blue Dog demo bucking the liberal lock on Mass politics.

  4. Trent Hill

    ….no. Why dont you just fully fill out your name first? That’s the 3rd time Iv seen you do that in 24 hours.

  5. Gene Berkman

    I looked at the whole poll, and Gov. Patrick has very high negatives, while Treasurer Cahill has more positive than negative responses from people polled.

    In particular, the Governor is not popular among Independent voters, who are the largest block in Massachusetts.

    This looks like a very good possibility for an Indepedent victory in 2010.

  6. Robert Milnes

    Gene, yeah but…if he is a Blue Dog dem, maybe he is a stranger in a strange land but not a “real” Independent. No more than Lieberman.

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