Green Party Endorses SB 935 To Support Marriage Equality

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Green Party urges passage of SB 935 legalizing same-sex marriage
Leaders outraged over Sen. Eichelberger’s comments that society “allows” gays and lesbians to exist


This week, the Green Party of Pennsylvania spoke out in support of Senate Bill 935 which would make same-sex marriage legal in Pennsylvania. The bill is sponsored by Sen. Daylin Leach (D-17).

“Legalizing same-sex marriage is an important step toward achieving equality for all Pennsylvanians,” said GPPA Chair Hillary Kane. “The Green Party has always supported same-sex marriage.”

Earlier this summer, Sen. Leach debated State Senator John Eichelberger (R-30) on WHYY’s Radio Times. During the interview, Eichelberger said that society “allows” gay people to exist, and implied that this was enough. Any guarantee of rights for gays and lesbians would be “special privileges” in Eichelberger’s view. Eichelberger is sponsoring a bill to change the Pennsylvania constitution so that it specifically bans marriage equality.

“If gays and lesbians had not been singled out for the ‘special treatments’ of discrimination and violent attacks in the past, they wouldn’t need this kind of legislation now. But they have, and they do,” said Skip Mendler, Chair, Wayne County Green Party.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office lists 1,138 federal laws that pertain to married couples. The rights and responsibilities outlined in those laws currently do not apply to same-sex couples in Pennsylvania, effectively denying these rights on the basis on sexual orientation. These rights include:

Ability to obtain Social Security survivor benefits
Ability to provide citizenship to a spouse through marriage
Ability to have one’s marriage recognized equally in all 50 states

It’s not just the Green Party speaking out. “Senator Leach is attempting to provide a solution to Pennsylvania’s intrusive law that interferes with our individual rights, and I applaud him for recognizing the importance of these issues,” said Marakay Rogers, Pennsylvania coordinator of Outright Libertarians and 2008 Libertarian Attorney General candidate.

The Green Party of Pennsylvania, (, is an independent political party founded on the four pillars of grassroots democracy, social justice, ecological wisdom and nonviolence.

Lavender Greens Caucus:

Green Party Platform Statement on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity:

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U.S. Government Accountability Office report listing the many laws that discriminate based on marital status

2 thoughts on “Green Party Endorses SB 935 To Support Marriage Equality

  1. Glen Yoshioka

    It is about time people in Pennsylvania’s political and organizational spheres are working together and pushing forward same sex marriage. The rights denied to homosexuals in Pennsylvania seem so arbitrary and basic.

    The position of the opposing party comes off as irrational, hyperbolic, and pathos heavy, especially articulated by John Eichelberger. He frames these recognitions as “special privileges”. Eichelberger is using Petitio Principii in his argument. By calling these rights “special privileges” he is tricking you into agreeing that they are privileges, even if you disagree. Thus if you engage him you are automatically conceding the main point.

    This is not to mention that the modifier “special” is not defined and implies undue favor for a minority interest. It seems that to Eichelberger the privilege of gays is that they are simply allowed to exist. Any recognitions beyond that are “special”. And speaking of privileges, you know those can be taken away too.

  2. Stephanie Kansas

    This to me is a non-issue. If you don’t agree with marriage equality, don’t marry someone of the same sex! As a school teacher, I don’t ever recall reading/citing the words…”with liberty and justice for ALL” and seeing the word, “except”. Separate but equal does not, has not and should not work. We can not “eenie meenie miney moe” through our neighborhoods and point to who is allowed marriage or not. As a christian and American, I am for equality, love, and acceptance for all human life.

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