Reverend Billy Talen for Mayor campaign gives numbers: 12,000 signatures

William Talen — also known as “Reverend Billy” — is collecting signatures to run on the Green Party line for Mayor of New York City. In an August 11th letter from Savitri of the Reverend Billy Talen for Mayor campaign to supporters, information was given about the number of signatures already collected, as well as an upcoming campaign event.

Dear Friend,

Our Vote Rev Billy Block Party at NYC Summer Streets was fantastic. Thanks to all who came by or helped with the Petition Mob! We are over 12,000 signatures but we still need to get 4,000 more in the next 7 (yes, seven!) days. [IPR Editor’s note: 7,500 are required, though campaigns usually seek more as a cushion against challenged/rejected signatures.] Yesterday groups of volunteers joined Rev. Billy on the A+ Schools for All of Us Whistle Stop Tour on the A train. We reached thousands of New Yorkers in just a few hours, and got a good sense of the anger people feel about Bloomberg’s education policy. You can find our Counter Proposals here.

This Saturday August 15, from 10-1 we will once again celebrate Summer Streets with a Block Party at HQ, spilling onto a carless Lafayette Street, so come by — its a great way to get involved, and the petitioning is easy. As always, we welcome your baked goods. Please help us reach our goal of 16,000 signatures by Tuesday August 18 – get on the petition trail this week at www.voterevbilly. org/petitions or support our petition team with a donation of $20 or $200 today. Your donation will ensure that millions of New Yorkers have a choice. It’s up to US, New York – let’s put democracy back on the ballot!



5 thoughts on “Reverend Billy Talen for Mayor campaign gives numbers: 12,000 signatures

  1. Kimberly Wilder Post author

    I believe that the goal was revised. I had recalled 20,ooo as well. But, this letter makes it seem the goal is 16,000. (I am not with the campaign, and the e-mail was actually only forwarded to me.)

    The rule of thumb in NY is usually two times as many as needed. So, 16,000 would be plenty.


  2. Kimberly Wilder Post author


    Oh, no.

    I believe we may have entered a “group think” zone!

    Sorry if I have confused you.

    The 20,000 is only my vague recollection.


  3. Kimberly Wilder

    Wait…I have a better memory than I give myself credit for…

    This is currently listed at the web-site:

    Dear VoteRevBilly Volunteers,

    This is it! We need 20,000 signatures to put Reverend Billy Talen on the ballot and they have to be gathered properly.

    Our petitioning window is from July 7th to August 18th, but since August 18th is the last day to turn in signatures we need your petitioning sheets in advance!

    But, you know, it is always good to start with a wildly optimistic goal. As long as you inspire the troops and meet the required number, things are okay…

    In the past, with presidential and/or governor petitions, the Green Party of NYS has often come under on the required number of signatures. If the Rev Billy folks have over the 7,500 it is a great accomplishment.

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