Third Party and Independent Candidates for Office, 2010

List compiled by Damon Eris and originally posted at Poli-Tea. Emailed to IPR.

Frustrated by recent attempts to locate a single source listing declared or potential third party and independent candidates for office in 2010, I decided to compile one myself focusing on races for governor, senate and congressional seats. The results? There are already third party and independent candidates at work in upwards of thirty states. As with the Poli-Tea Guide to the Third Party and Independent Blogosphere, I will attempt to keep the list current, updating it as the opportunity arises. If there are any candidates I’ve missed, or just plain old mistakes, or you know some good sources compiling such information, please supply the info or correction in the comments, or send me an email.

Congress: Rob John (I)

Governor: John Paul Mitchell (I)

Senate: Trevor Drown (I)
Congress: Jerry Coon (I)

Governor: Richard Aguirre (I), Georges Marciano (I), Chelene Nightengale (AIP),
Senate: Don Grundmann (AIP)
Congress: Chris Agrella (L), Jeremy Cloward (G), Nick Dibs (I), Bill Lussenheide (AIP), Mary McIlroy (P&F) Art Tuma (L)

Congress: Bill Hammons (Unity)

Congress: John Pistone (I)

Governor: Peter Allen (Independence)
Senate: Marshall DeRosa (C), Belinda Noah (I), Peter Snitker (I)
Congress: Paul McKain (Modern Whig)

Governor: John Monds (L), Neal Horsley (CRP)
Senate: Eric Von Haessler (L)
Congress: Eugene Moon (C/I), Alan Weaver (I),

Governor: Jana Kemp (I)

Congress: George Holland (L)

Governor: Randy Stufflebeam (C), Rich Whitney (G), Michael White (I)
Congress: Matt Reichel (G)

Congress: Susan Ducey (I)

Governor: Gatewood Galbraith (I)

Senate: Anthony Gentile (L)

Governor: Sam Bailey (I), Alex Hammer (I), Patrick Quinlan (G), Lynne Williams (G)

Congress: Richard Davis (L), Lorenzo Gaztanaga (L)

Governor: Tim Cahill (I), (potential)

Congress: Scott Aughney (I)

Governor: Leslie Davis (I), Richard A Klatte (G)

Senate: Midge Potts (P)
Congress: Kevin Craig (L)

Congress: Brad Lord-Leutwyler (I)

New Jersey
Governor (’09): Jason Cullen (I), Chris Daggett (I), Ken Kaplan (L), Greg Pason (S),
Congress: Scott Baier (G), Gene Baldassari (Whig), Everitt Williams (I),

New Mexico
Congress: Alan Woodruff (L)

North Carolina
Congress: Thomas Hill (L)

Senate: Eric LaMont Gregory (I), Eric Deaton (I)

Congress: Jaynee Germond (C)

Senate: Michael Yilit (IA)
Congress: Jake Towne (L)

Rhode Island
Governor: Lincoln Chafee (I)

South Carolina
Congress: Tommy Carson (I), Tim Carnes (I), Ted Christian (I)

Governor: Carl Whitaker (I)
Congress: Stephen Collings (L)

Governor: Jeff Diaell (L), Kenneth Griffin (L)
Senate: Alma Aguado (I), Chris Nelson (I)
Congress: Chris Claytor (L), Tracy Hall (I)

Governor: Chris Ericson (I)

Senate: Rob Taylor (Constitution)
Congress: Tim Nerenz (L), Samantha Carter (AIP)

51 thoughts on “Third Party and Independent Candidates for Office, 2010

  1. Northern Exposure

    Don Wright filed under the Alaskan Independence Party for Governor of Alaska several weeks ago.

  2. Mike Indiana

    With two Greens (who are well known in the party) running for Governor in Maine (this is the first time the Greens will have a contested primary for statewide office) there is the possibility of an exciting and potentially well covered Maine Green Independent Party primary in 2010 (possibly the best covered third party primary in years if ever thanks to the internet).

    As of December 4 2008 there were 31,676 voters registered as greens in the state comprising 3.19% of the electorate. The 3.19% comprises the largest figure of any (independent) state party or third party state affiliate in the nation (in the 30 states which register by party). The Greens have also done extremely well by third party standards in recent gubernatorial elections
    2006 – (9.56%)
    2002 – (9.28%)
    1998 – (6.82%)
    1994 – (6.39%)
    There are also three green party members who hold seats on the city council in Portland the states largest city.
    In light of these achievements the mainstream media in Maine is more open to covering the Greens, and the quality of coverage is by far better then what most third parties get anywhere else in the country.

    Also working in favor of a well covered primary is Maine’s Clean Election Act. a taxpayer-funded campaign system which rewards candidates with public funds if they meet a required measure of public support via $5 contributions (In 2006 it was 2,500 $5 contributions).
    In 2006 Green Candidate Pat LaMarche received over $100,000 during the primary campaign period (she was unchallenged in primary) alone along with several hundred thousand more for the general election.

    If both ‘Patrick Quinlan’ (lone legislative aide of Maine’s state house of representatives Green Independent Party caucus in the 2004/2005 and former campaign manager and consultant for Green State Representative John Eder) and ‘Lynne Williams’ (former state party chair) qualify for clean elections funding both would be able to wage highly visible priamry campaigns complete with substantial TV/Radio ad buys thanks in large part to relatively inexpensive ad rates compared to other parts of the country.

    In my opinion this race (while only a primary) so far has the greatest potential to be ground breaking for third parties – of all the third party campaigns announced to this point.

    Could there actually be three primaries (in 2010 and beyond) the media would consider significant?
    Has there ever been a third party primary were more then one candidate has aired radio and TV ads?

  3. d.eris

    @ 7, 8, 10: thanks, I’ll update the main post.

    Mike, I’ve been following the “twitter primary” at the Augusta Insider a little bit, that also seems to have led to more coverage of third party and independent candidates in the race.

  4. Samantha Carter

    Congrad’s to all the candidates now is the time for the rise of the independent movement. It is time for common sense, innovative ideas, integrity and strong leadership to return to congress. I also wanted to make a note that I am a part of IAP (Independent American Party) not AIP.


  5. Derek Viger

    @d.eris I’ve been working with the AI. We are waiting for independent candidates to actually be on the Nov ballot before we do a great deal of coverage on them. Most of them are clean election candidates so there is a chance many wont make it. The law is kind of complicated, but email me to remind me and I’ll send you some links if you need them.

    @Mike Indiana As I’ve said on Poli-Tea before, Lynne Williams doesn’t have much to worry about from Quinlan. Quinlan has had no press, no campaign website or even announcement on his own site or blog. Unless you know something I don’t, Williams will likely not face a challenge from Quinlan in the primaries, if there is even a need for one.

  6. J. D.

    Thanks for the mention, although the last name is Daiell, not Diaell.

    Note: David Smith, running as a Libertarian in Texas’s CD 2, has raised some $12K and has knocked on many thousands of doors.

    Jeff Daiell

  7. Rob Taylor

    YES we third party candidates have a very good chance this time. The major parties are making the mes and the voters know it. Good luck to us all

  8. Tomas Daly

    I have added links to your site on my Vote Out Incumbents page. I appreciate your effort and hope many more names are added. It is vitally important that incumbents are sent packing in 2010.

  9. Joe Leinweber Jr

    You know if we keep thinking that we need a party to win we are in trouble, because the American people don’t see it that way. These parties are out of touch and the only party in DC is the incumbent party. Constitutional independents are what we need with no allegiance but to the Constitution and their state and district. If we don’t do this now we amy as well succumb to a course of events that could lead to revolution, spearation and secession.

    Ret USAF

  10. Larry Bill

    I am running for the 8th Congressional District seat in southeast Missouri. Please visit my website and give me feedback with your opinion. To get on the ballot as an independent, my campaign needs 5,667 signatures by July. We have 2300+

    Google “Mr. Bill Goes to Washington” for more info. Thanks, Mr. Bill

  11. sam brenner

    correct Don lake. Lussenheide Nightingale Grundmann have been falsely saying on the web and other venues, that they are the chosen candidates. AIP HAS not even held their primary. Also per Chairman Robinson The AIP will be endorsing OTHER candidates. These people think if they PUT their names on the internet enough times claiming to be the candidates people will believe them. Its fraud and it should be revealed.

  12. Mike Guenther

    I, like many Americans, have some real concerns with these bills that are making their way through Congress and through the Senate. These bills are being passed with little or no regard to what the people actually want. Since I have always lived my life with the premise that “We The People” can make a difference, I have developed a website, called, where folks can go to learn more about these bills, know how their politicians have voted, and to find out how to contact their Congressmen and Senators.

    This website does not and will not contain advertisements of any kind or sell any products or services. It is strictly an informative site. There is even a video on the homepage made by Ray Stevens which pretty much sums up Obamacare.

    There is just about 10 months left before the next election and my goal is to make this website available to all voters. With that said, would it be possible to swap links?

    Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

  13. America's Third Party

    Thanks for posting this information for all independents and third parties. Everyone is welcome to come chat at our nightly BlogTV show ( I’d love to interview anyone running for office as either a co-host on our video show, or on our BlogTalkRadio show ( We can also feature independents and third party candidates for office on the state pages of our website ( Email with your information: americasthirdparty(AT)

  14. Dee Mayer

    From what I gather Constitution Party of CA does not have ballot access, So the people running under that MUST also falsely note that CP is with the AIP…because AIP has ballot access. Interesting…wonder what will happen at the AIP Primary this year..will these
    CP people show up..or will they just fade away ?

  15. Don Lake .......... More Liars with Dems and GOP

    Dee Mayer // Jan 9, 201o:
    “……. will these CP [pro Baldwin, anti Keyes[ people show up..or will they just fade away ?”

    Lake: as I successfully predicted in 2008 (over the werewolf – bannche wailing of Doctor Grundman and Captain Cody Quirk *) the Ed Noonan crew used the California Secretary of State’s office to keep Keyes and allies off of said ballot. Why should 2010 and or 2012 be any different ???????????

    the REAL question is will Doctor Goo Goo, Cherlene Nightingale, and friends even make it to the ballot ?????????

    * Grundmann is a medical practitioner whom does not believe in science, but does believe in threatening physical harm to those who bother him.

    Cody Quirk is a FORMER California Mormon who cries loud and long ’bout anti LDS discrimination —– from Mormons in good standing like Ed Noonan.

    Film Script, book deal, graphic novel (comic book) ?????????????

  16. Dee Mayer

    Per mark Seidenberg Vice Chairman of the AIP Chelene Nightingale does not qualify to run under AIP as she was not registered as aip 1 year prior (as required) to seek nomination. She can run as a write in for CP…as the constitution party does not have ballot access in CA. Email Markham Robinson Chairman AIP or Mark Seidenberg for further clarification.

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  18. Joan Wardzala

    Please add Robert Zadek Independent candidate for US Senator Illionis to your list.
    Also, how do Independent candidates obtain mail and email lists of voters. The Board of Elections in Rockford Il told me that they can’t give them out to Independents.

  19. dan

    Bill Lussenheide for congress ca-45 “constitution party” aip…should be charged with sedition for his anti-american speech. Disgusting

  20. John


    how many independent and minor-party candidates ran for Congress in 2006?

  21. Cody Quirk

    Too bad Dee, she is the AIP candidate for Governor whether you like it or not.
    Example- Tom Metzger was a Democratic candidate for Congress once and the Dems in California couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

  22. Cody Quirk

    d.eris, how about we include the IAP candidates running for those offices in Nevada? We’re running people all over the place there.

    And also don’t forget the Utah CP candidates for Senate and Congress.

  23. Erik G.

    Party Label/Party Registration [if necessary]


    Jaimes Brown (Libertarian) [not a typo on his name]
    Tom Tancredo (American Constitution)
    Jason Clark (Independent/Unaffiliated)
    Paul Fiorino (Independent/Unaffiliated)
    Michael R. Moore (Write-In/Unaffiliated)
    Peter Carr (Write-In/Unaffiliated)
    Holly Cremeens (Write-In/Unaffiliated)

    Bob Kinsey (Green)
    Maclyn Stringer (Libertarian)
    Charley Miller (Independent/Unaffiliated)
    J. Moromisato (Independent/Unaffiliated)
    Jason Napolitano (Independent Reform)
    Bruce Lohmiller (Write-In/Green)
    Michele Newman (Write-In/Independent)

    *1st District*
    Gary Swing (Green)
    Chris Styskal (Libertarian)
    Clint Jones (American Constitution)

    *2nd District*
    Curtis Harris (Libertarian)
    Jenna Goss (American Constitution)

    *3rd District*
    Gregory Gilman (Libertarian)
    Jake Segrest (Independent/Unaffiliated)
    John Hargis Sr. (Write-In/Unaffiliated)
    James Fritz (Write-In/Unaffiliated)

    *4th District*
    Doug Aden (American Constitution)
    Ken Waszkiewicz (Independent/Unaffiliated)

    *5th District*
    Jerell Klaver (Libertarian)
    Brian Scott (American Constitution)

    *6th District*
    Rob McNealy (Libertarian)
    Michael Kearns (Write-In/Unaffiliated)

    *7th District*
    Buck Bailey (Libertarian)

    I did not include any independent or write-in candidates who are listed as Democrats or Republicans by party registration, but I can provide those extra folks if necessary.

    Libertarian: 8/9
    American Constitution: 5/9
    Green: 2/9
    Independent Reform: 1/9

  24. Danny S

    Speaking of posts that deal with all third party candidates across America, one reason that I have not been posting very much the past week is that I am working on a really big article that should be out in (hopefully) a few days.

  25. paulie Post author

    Speaking of posts that deal with all third party candidates across America, one reason that I have not been posting very much the past week is that I am working on a really big article that should be out in (hopefully) a few days.

    in my case…started on a new campaign two days ago, so I have a lot less time.

  26. J. Moromisato

    I’m working on a full version of the Denver Plan to en unemployment; it will be out in a few days. In the meantime please check my website. This time Coloradans have the option to vote for someone who has a plan to solve the economic crisis; the fact there are so many TP and I US Senate candidates for Colorado (7+3) is definitely because Ds and Rs are not the answer this time.
    BTW, this is a great post: honest and fun!

  27. Rich

    I am tired!
    Tired of Republicans, Tired of Democrats. Please define the Independance Party. I want to find a party so I can find peace.
    Thank you.

  28. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]

    Rich // Sep 10, 2010 at 7:50 pm

    I am tired!
    Tired of Republicrats, Tired of Democans. Please define the Reform Party. I want to find a party so I can find peace.
    Thank you.

    [Lake: Horrible, horrible killing ground of ideas! A tent so big that agents provocateur don’t need to line up. Don’t need to ‘take a number’. They just rush the entrance whole sale!]

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