Green Carl Romanelli challenges Democrat Bob Casey Jr to a game of hoops

Posted at Green Party Watch by Gregg Jocoy

Carl Romanelli was charged over $80,000 for daring to run for US Senate in Pennsylvania. That cost was a result of Democrat Bob Casey Jr.’s successful effort to keep Romanelli off the ballot. By scrutinizing every ballot access signature, Casey was able to throw Romanelli off the ballot, and he then turned around and charged Romanelli for the lawyers and party hacks he had do the scrutinizing.

Now Romanelli has called on Casey to play him for the money in a game of B-ball.

A piece at Citizens Voice says that Romanelli gives Casey good odds to beat him in the game of hoops.

“As in politics, Casey should have the advantage on the basketball court,” Romanelli said. “He stands at about 6 feet 4 inches, I am 5 feet 5 inches. He has access to the best gyms in the country, I still play in schoolyards, and he is a few years younger than I am.”

Romanelli also suggested that President Obama might invite him and Casey to the Whitehouse for a beer to work out their differences.

On a more serious note, Romanelli’s court case to set aside these fees goes back before the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court next week.

6 thoughts on “Green Carl Romanelli challenges Democrat Bob Casey Jr to a game of hoops

  1. NewFederalist

    Romanelli really did get the shaft. It really makes anyone thinking about running for office in PA as an independent candidate or “third” party nominee think twice about the possibility of financial ruin if your petition drive falls a little short. Chilling precedent…

  2. Michael Cavlan

    Carl Romanelli REALLY got the shaft.

    Working class guy who was screwed by big money, pro-war Democrats.

    While being smeared by “progressive” media “journalists” like Jeremy Scahill in the “progressive” Nation magazine.

    Who is NOW talking tough about opposing the Obama Administration.

  3. Kimberly Wilder

    FYI: Shortly after this post did the go-arounds, Carl Romanelli issued an actual press release on the matter. Link to post at wilderside and excerpt is below…

    Romanelli asks President for a Beer Summit II, challenges Bob Casey tp Basketball Game with Romanelli’s fate as Prize
    Posted on September 6, 2009 by ian wilder

    Frustrated by yet another setback in the Pennsylvania Courts, Green Party US Senate candidate, Carl Romanelli is now asking President Obama to schedule Beer Summit II in order to attempt to resolve his ongoing saga. “We have tried everything possible in order to see justice here in Pennsylvania and we are running out of options,” Romanelli offered.

    He is referring to his long ordeal in the Pennsylvania Courts where, despite his gathering and submitting more voter signatures than any candidate in Pennsylvania’s history, Romanelli was not only removed from the 2006 election ballot; but now has to pay more than $80,000.00 in costs and fees for the pleasure of being the victim of such a process.

    “It is time that the President weighed in on this, so I propose that he invite Senator Casey and me to the White House for a beer in an attempt to work matters out,” Romanelli suggested.

    The situation in Pennsylvania is one of the strangest scenarios in all of politics, as it is now well known that in order to remove Romanelli from the 2006 ballot the lawyers for Bob Casey brought their challenge to the Green Party signatures by way of an illegal, taxpayer-funded process. The scandal has been dubbed Bonusgate…

    “One would think that the commission of crimes against a working class candidate would be enough to get the attention of the Courts, but such is not the case in Pennsylvania…“The entire judicial system is corrupted here in Pennsylvania, and I should know because I come from Luzerne County where the disgraced, ‘kids for cash’ judges come from,” he added. “So, since the judges are too crooked for a citizen to use the legal system, we need another way to resolve this shameful persecution and I thought Beer Summit II would be a novel approach. Perhaps then we can bring this nightmare to an end. This would be a big deal for me considering I don’t even drink beer.”…

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