Libertarian Party Monday Message: Libertarians march in 9/12 protest

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Dear Friend of Liberty,

Several LP headquarters interns and staffers marched in the big 9/12 DC protest on Saturday. We carried a sign pointing out that Republicans are to blame for oversized government, not just Democrats. Take a look at our blog post.

LP volunteer intern Krista Zerby commented, "It was surprising to hear from so many people who are dissatisfied with both the Republican and Democratic parties and made comments about how they now think the Libertarian Party is the way to go. We also had some great dialogue with others who were not familiar with the Libertarian Party but wanted to learn more."

On another topic, President Obama is speaking today on Wall Street about how he wants the federal government to increase regulation of financial institutions. It’s the usual story: the government causes lots of problems with its interventions into private markets, then blames the private sector, then demands more government intrusion to solve the problems. We know better — increased government intervention will just stifle financial markets and cause even more problems down the road. If you want to call your congressman and remind him or her of that, that’s not a bad idea.

You may have heard that President Obama also slapped a 35% tariff on Chinese tires over the weekend. That is bad news. We need free trade, not protectionist trade wars.

With your help, we can get the word out about the right medicine for America’s ills: shrinking government and expanding freedom.


Wes Benedict
Executive Director
Libertarian National Committee

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9 thoughts on “Libertarian Party Monday Message: Libertarians march in 9/12 protest

  1. Aroundtheblockafewtimes

    Mr. Orvetti: better late to the party than never.
    The litmus test will be if these people go back to the GOP on a mere change of administration.
    There are a lot of libertarians within the Tea Party movement working to educate on economic, civil liberty, and non-intervention issues.

    Pres. Carter should be ashamed of himself for his remarks about the overwhelming number of protesters being motivated by racism. I hope the Georgia party skewers him good in the local media.

  2. Tom Blanton

    Late to the party? What a joke. GOP is part of the DNA of the vast majority of these clowns. When a Republican becomes President again, no deficit will be too large, no government agency will be too big, and no amount of intrusive legislation will be complained about. They will have taken their country back. The feigned outrage, the crocodile tears for their country, and the complaints of socialism will vanish.

    Then the Democrats will put on their show. Suddenly the Constitution will matter to them again and they will call for an end to all imperialistic foreign wars.

    The LP can forget about getting votes from these people even if they join the LP. That is because they don’t for anything – they vote against things. Once they step into the voting booth, even if they plan on voting LP, they will be overcome with fear and loathing. The disgruntled Republicans have no choice but to vote GOP to ensure the evil Democrat isn’t elected. They can’t risk voting LP and splitting the GOP vote.

  3. Michael H. Wilson

    @ 4 “Pres. Carter should be ashamed of himself for his remarks about the overwhelming number of protesters being motivated by racism. I hope the Georgia party skewers him good in the local media.’

    I heard former President Carter’s remarks
    and I don’t recall him saying that, but as a son of the South and think his comments had some degree of accuracy. There are a lot of white folks, especially those in places of power, who are using Obama’s skin color to their advantage. Unfortunately both blacks and whites are being used by this group.

    As someone once told me ‘boy you need to know your place and stay in it”.

  4. Michael H. Wilson

    Here’s a funny one if true.

    “Protesters who attended Saturday’s Tea Party rally in Washington found a new reason to be upset: Apparently they are unhappy with the level of service provided by the subway system.

    Rep. Kevin Brady called for a government investigation into whether the government-run subway system adequately prepared for this weekend’s rally to protest government spending and government services.


    The Texas Republican on Wednesday released a letter he sent to Washington’s Metro system complaining that the taxpayer-funded subway system was unable to properly transport protesters to the rally to protest government spending and expansion. ”

  5. Aroundtheblockafewtimes

    Mr. Blanton: so it is nigh impossible for libertarians to convert any more minds? Or do none of the protestors have a mind to convert?

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