New Gallup Poll on Party Identification

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New Gallup Poll on Party Identification

September 2nd, 2009

Every month, the Gallup Organization releases a poll, asking voters if they identify as Republicans, as Democrats, or as others. If they respond “other”, they are asked if they lean toward either the Democratic or the Republican Party. Here are the August results: Democrats 34%, leaning to the Democratic Party, 11%, Republicans 28%, leaning Republican 12%, other 15%.

The “Other” figure was at 13% in January and February, at 14% in March, May and June, and at 15% in the other months of 2009. Thanks to PoliticalWire for this news.

10 thoughts on “New Gallup Poll on Party Identification

  1. d.eris

    When are pollsters going to start asking folks who identify themselves as Republicans or Democrats if they really “lean” independent, or toward a third party?

  2. Tony

    I am a pollster, and my clients do not want to identify the Independent Candidate. The goal is to keep all independents below 5%. By finding the leanings of the person, you can push them into your party. For example if 10% lean Republican and 10% lean democrat, each party will fight for their percentage hoping to leave the other parties percentage in the independent catagory. This is how the major party’s win. 90% of major party memebers will vote their party. However minor party’s have no loyalty to the party they joined.

  3. Catholic Trotskyist

    They should remove the Independent label and see whether people really lean Republican or lean Democrat, because almost everyone does lean towards one of them. They should, I admit, have other categories for “left of Democrat” “right of Republican” and “Libertarian.”

  4. Gary

    37% voted for Jesse Ventura. I think that is a good standard number for open minded voters. The problem with 3rd parties is they usually nominate wonks who drool a great deal. All 3rd parties need to seek out real candidates with real life experience and status.

  5. The New New New New Reform Movement [?????????]

    As bad the Bible Thumping activists of the [so called] AMERICAN INDEPENDENT PARTY [Alan Keyes types verses Charles Baldwin types] has [also] placed former allies in to conflict.

    At least those guys do not have a Zionist Fascist cabal choosing Israeli issues over American concerns. Blare, John Coffey, John Bambey and Valli Sharpe Geisler would gladly sublimate major American values to guard even minor Israeli concerns.

    [And this is ‘reform’ ????]

    Parties Attempting to Qualify
    for the June 2010 Primary


    * John Blare
    * P.O. Box 1642
    * El Cerrito, CA 94530
    * Tel: (510) 215-5368
    * Website:

    —— Don Lake, former ‘publisher’ [via national communications committee] of national monthly print house organ. [Used, Abused, and Not Amused!]

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