Now a Libertarian, Daryl Brooks Seeks Assembly Seat

Daryl Brooks and Charles Green, two newcomers to the Libertarian Party, have announced their candidacy for New Jersey’s 15th Assembly District. They are challenging the Democratic incumbents, and run on a platform of education and prison reform.

You can read the full article here. Source: The Trentonian.

7 thoughts on “Now a Libertarian, Daryl Brooks Seeks Assembly Seat

  1. Bill Wood

    What the Hell is this! These people are not Libertarians! They just joined to take advantage of all the power that being a libertarian gives them.

  2. This person should not be using the lp name

    For something like this, there should be something in the LP bylaws that should be against using the libertarian name for a person like this. Maybe they could be sued.

  3. mdh

    Then the LP of NJ needs to deal with the issue and refuse to endorse them/allow them on their ballot line.

    I don’t know the back story or who these guys are, but… if these guys are bad news/not libertarians, then why did the LP of NJ endorse them?


    Someone needs to find out then. We don’t need to screw up the LP party because of this. This is what we don’t need. If the LP of NJ shouldn’t be endorsing these people then they need to be told. I am just a nobody that I am sure they won’t listen to me.

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