Radio Program to compare Green Party to the Zeitgeist Movement

Tonight on V-RADIO at 7PM ET, we will be comparing the platform of the Green Party and the Venus Project. Callers are encouraged to contribute to the conversation. You can find the show here:

If you miss the show, you can still tune in to the archive at the same link.

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Was a fierce Independent because of statements made in George Washington's farewell address about how the party system would damage the nation. (He was right). Became interested in the Libertarian party because of Ron Paul. I helped get Mike Gravel into the LP, and joined the party with him. And contrary to what people have said, we are not going anywhere. We are in the Libertarian party from now on. Get used to it.

5 thoughts on “Radio Program to compare Green Party to the Zeitgeist Movement

  1. Mike Indiana

    Why is a member of the Independent Greens of Virginia posting comments under the name Petra Kelly (a founder of the German Green Party, who died in1992)?

    Is this another attempt to make the non-green independent greens of Virginia (part of Independence party of America) seem as though they are part of the larger green movement?

    In light of recent events at ‘Green Party Watch’
    I would have to say yes.

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