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Socialist Workers candidates hold rally in New York City

Socialist Workers Party candidates in New York City held a campaign rally on health care, the economy, and foreign policy issues on September 11, The Militant reports. Mayoral candidate Dan Fein “spoke about why the economic depression is not ending but just beginning” and Manhattan borough president candidate Tom Baumann “spoke out against Washington’s wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq.”

Public advocate candidate Maura DeLuca said the party is “campaigning for ‘guaranteed lifetime medical care for everyone.'” Addressing allegations that President Obama plans to create “death panels” in his health coverage plan, DeLuca said, “There is nothing new in this. The elderly, as soon as they can no longer be exploited by some employer for a profit, are useless to the capitalist system. They are already being denied care they need and will be denied more as the Democrats and Republicans cut billions out of Medicare, which Obama’s plan calls for.”

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  1. LibertarianBlue LibertarianBlue September 19, 2009

    Mayoral candidate Dan Fein “spoke about why the economic depression is not ending but just beginning”


    Well at least we can agree on something.

  2. Darcy G Richardson Darcy G Richardson September 20, 2009

    Get ready for a long and dreary “Kondratiev Winter.”

  3. Jeremy Young Jeremy Young September 20, 2009

    Good for them. I never hear anything about the SWP candidates actually doing anything, even though they clearly have a formidable petition-gathering apparatus. They just seem to stick the names of random activists on the ballot and then walk away. This is a welcome change and surprise.

  4. Third Party Revolution Third Party Revolution September 20, 2009

    This is really something new that the SWP has done. Their previous strategy has never got a single person elected, unless someone else knows if there is currently a SWP member elected to office right now.

  5. “Two million protesters” ??????? That seems to be a common [vulgar] and much over used faux figure among fakey dakey political types, main line and alternative ………….

    Don Lake, let’s keep it real, the Democans and the Republicrats sure won’t!

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