Texas Libertarians on statewide recruitment tour

The Kerrville Daily Times of Texas reports, “Libertarian Party of Texas officials, currently on a three-month, 24-city recruitment tour,” visited Kerrville on Saturday “to garner local candidates and support prior to the 2010 elections.” The state LP is running a “four-part action plan known as Project GROW (gather, recruit, organize, win), meant to expand the party’s presence in the Lone Star State and at every governmental level.” LP Texas Executive Director Robert Butler said, “It’s time to stop complaining about politics as usual. You can run for office yourself. It’s fun, and it’s easier than you think.”

The article notes that in 2008, 173 Liibertarians were on the ballot across Texas. Court of Criminal Appeals candidate William Strange received 1,043,642 votes, “the first time any Libertarian in Texas crossed the million-vote threshold,” while U.S. Senate candidate Yvonne Schick‘s 185,241 votes, 2.34 percent of the total, was the “the highest vote count and percentage ever received by a Texas Libertarian seeking the post.”

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