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The hearing to audit the Federal Reserve, Live coverage on Bold Voices TV!

Congressman Ron Paul’s HR1207, the bill to audit the federal reserve is being discussed as we speak. You can tune in to live coverage here: on channel 9.

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Was a fierce Independent because of statements made in George Washington's farewell address about how the party system would damage the nation. (He was right). Became interested in the Libertarian party because of Ron Paul. I helped get Mike Gravel into the LP, and joined the party with him. And contrary to what people have said, we are not going anywhere. We are in the Libertarian party from now on. Get used to it.


  1. HumbleTravis HumbleTravis September 25, 2009

    A third party link could be the “We Agree” statement signed onto by several alternative party candidates.

  2. Trent Hill Trent Hill September 25, 2009

    Please edit this post to include some connection to third parties.

  3. VTV VTV September 25, 2009

    The hearing is currently in recess.

  4. VTV VTV Post author | September 25, 2009

    Hope you guys like it, it’s been interesting so far.

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