Wayne Root: ‘Public Education Brainwashing- Obama Indoctrination Day on Tuesday’

Public Education Brainwashing: Obama Indoctrination Day on Tuesday

The Only Home-school Dad on a Modern-Day Presidential Ticket Lambasts Obama For Policies That Condemn Minority Students to Failing Public Schools.

Root Calls Public School System “a Public Embarassment.”

Studies Prove That Home-schooled Students are Almost TWICE As Smart as Public School Students.

Will Teachers Unions Allow Honest Questions to Be Asked of President Obama?

By Wayne Allyn Root, Author
The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts

Government fails at virtually everything it does. As a Nevadan, I often tell the story of the federal government taking over a legal brothel in Nevada- a $100,000,000 business- and managing it into bankruptcy in a year. Just days ago, the State of New York announced that OTB- government run gambling parlors- was filing for bankruptcy. Amazing. The two businesses where no one on earth has ever lost money- sex and gambling- and government runs them both into bankruptcy.

Is it any wonder that our public education system is a disaster? That after spending tens of billions, SAT scores are going down? That the performance gap between white/Asian and minority students is widening? That minority student drop-out rates in major cities approaches or exceeds 50%? That the more we spend on public education, the worse the results? That a recent study proves that home-schooled students are almost twice as smart aspublic school students (scoring 89 versus 50 on a scale of 1 to 100)? Yet in the face of these shocking and depressing facts, President Obama and the Democratic Congress chose to kill a charter school program that was working for minority students in Washington D.C.

It has just been announced that President Obama will address public school students across the USA on Tuesday. I’ll bet the topics I just described above won’t be on the agenda. Instead what we’ll see is an attempt to brainwash young minds into hero worship of Barack Obama and his big government agenda.

But I have a great idea. We can turn lemons into lemonade. Instead of asking students how they can help President Obama (thereby becoming his deputies, allies, and fans), how about we use this opportunity to ask some serious questions that need to be answered by the President. Here is the Q&A with President Obama (and the homework assignment) that I’d suggest for America’s public school students:

Q: President Obama, why did you allow the Democratic Congress to kill school choice in Washington DC, even though studies proved that charter schools were dramatically improving the education results of minority students?

Q: President Obama, do you care about teachers unions (your campaign contributors) more than the educational and economic future of minority students?

Q: President Obama, why do your daughters Sasha and Malia deserve school choice (a private school education costing $40,000 a year each), when other minority students in Washington D.C. don’t get a choice?

Q: Mr. President, if public school education is so fantastic that you don’t believe choice or competition is necessary, why don’t you send your precious daughters to Washington D.C. public schools?

Q: Mr. President, if other parents don’t have the money for private school, like you and Michelle do, should their children be condemned to a lifetime of inferior education?

Q: Mr. President, did you see the latest SAT test scores which show that after a 25 year effort to improve scores, we have failed miserably? We’ve spent tens of billions per year, yet SAT scores went down again. What do you think this means? Why would taxpayers be forced to spend more on the same failing public education system? Shouldn’t competition be encouraged to improve the system?

Q: Mr. President, those same just-released SAT test scores showed that despite spending tens of billions of dollars to help minority students improve test scores, the SAT performance gap between minority students and white/Asian students just widened again. So do you think public school education is a failure? Knowing this, why would you and the Democratic Congress choose to kill charter school programs in Washington DC that are helping minority students? Doesn’t this appear racist?

Q: Mr. President, is it true that Chicago cooked the books? Studies show that Chicago’s public schools are terrible, among the worst in America, and prior studies showing improvement were greatly exaggerated. So why is your friend Arnie Duncan, who ran the Chicago School System, now running America’s school system?

Q: Mr. President, recent studies proved that home-school educated children are almost TWICE as smart as public school educated children. Why do you think that is Mr. President? With results like this, shouldn’t home-schooling be encouraged by our educators, instead of denigrated and discouraged?

Q: Mr. President, we spend more money on public school children than any country in the world, yet get among the worst results. Why do you think that is? Could it be because teachers unions are doing the same damage to public education that auto unions did to the U.S. auto industry?

Q: Mr. President, how come California pays the highest teacher salaries in America, but their test results are 49th out of 50 states? Is it therefore possible that spending more on education, and paying teachers more, does not add up to better results? If so, why did you just spend another $125 billion of the stimulus package on public education? If $60 billion per year spent by the Department of Education has produced failing results, why would you spend another $125 billion?

Q: Mr. President, how come private and parochial school teachers are paid far less than public school teachers, without gigantic pensions and free healthcare for life (paid on the taxpayers’ dime), but produce far better results?

Q: Mr. President, how come the rankings of America’s students have gone consistently and dramatically down since the day government took over education?

Q: Mr. President, how come we don’t fire poorly performing teachers? Why should a teacher doing a poor job be guaranteed a job and pension for life?

Q: Mr. President, in the private sector, employees are losing jobs by the millions. Almost everyone else in the private sector is seeing major cuts in hours and pay. Virtually no employees in the private sector are seeing any increase in pay. So why should government employees union members- like teachers- be protected from firings and receive large pay increases? Are they a privileged class?

Q: Mr. President, is it true that public school districts around the country claim to be severely underfunded, yet they are spending millions of dollars on public relations and advertising campaigns to increase enrollment (because parents are leaving failing public schools in droves)?

Q: How come you’re so concerned with rising health care costs in the private sector, but rising government-run education costs don’t seem to bother you? And how can government-run healthcare save money for taxpayers, when government-run education keeps rising and at the same time produces inferior results?

Those are just a few of the questions I’d have our publicschool students ask President Obama. I think the President of the United States addressing our youth is a good idea. But only if he’ll choose to honestly allow and answer the serious questions above. Only if the questions and questioners aren’t “pre-screened.” Only if he’s willing to admit that our national education crisis is just as important as our national healthcare crisis.

Only if President Obama is willing to question the role of teachers unions in the destruction of public education. Only if he is willing to explain what appears to be either indifference, or racism on his part towards the plight of minority students in this country (who don’t have the money required to attend fancy private schools like Sasha and Malia). The President should have this discussion with America’s public school students.

I’m a betting man. My gut instincts tell me the smart money is on America’s liberal-biased teachers never allowing the questions above. I’m betting that as long as teachers unions are in control, there will never be an open or honest discussion between our President and America’s public school students. I’m betting this event on Tuesday will be used to indoctrinate our children into hero worship for the President, big government, big unions, and public education. Anyone want to take my bet?

Wayne Allyn Root was the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate. His new book is entitled, “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts.” For more of Wayne’s views, commentaries, or to watch his many national media appearances, please visit his web site at: www.ROOTforAmerica.com. Wayne will be available to the media live on book tour in New York on September 8th-11th.

23 thoughts on “Wayne Root: ‘Public Education Brainwashing- Obama Indoctrination Day on Tuesday’

  1. Deran

    Root sure does like to refer to unspecified “studies”.

    And he is also very fond of comparing “apples and oranges”.

  2. George Phillies

    Mr Root, Studies show that homeschooled kids are told by their parents that the Constitution requires that the Federal government’s money be backed by a commodity. (Source: The claim is in his book, shortly after his nutty claim that the capital gains tax applies to the invested capital (“taxed twice”) rather than only to the profits from investments, as is actually the case.) What is the gain here?

  3. George Phillies

    “…twice as smart…” Do you suppose that’s because public schools are stuck with the severely retarded children that private schools and home schoolers won’t touch?

  4. Erik Geib

    With all the fervor among Republicans and Republican sound chambers (Root) about Obama’s speech, I find it highly amusing that Bush 41 did the same thing in 1991. I mentioned this to a Republican yesterday in the bar and quieted them for an hour.

    Granted, I don’t think Obama or Bush 41 should do (/have done) this, but that’s not the line you hear from idiots these days.

  5. Solomon Drek

    Root shows once again that all he’s good for is parroting Rush Limbaugh.

    The only embarrassment here are those “Libertarians” who let themselves be so easily duped and manipulated by a Ronald Reagan/Barry Goldwater rightwing Republican.

    I’d bet if Rush Limbaugh wanted the LP nomination for President in 2012 there would be a majority of LP members who would hand it to him on a silver platter.

  6. Solomon Drek

    George Phillies @3: “Do you suppose that’s because public schools are stuck with the severely retarded children that private schools and home schoolers won’t touch?”

    As usual George Phillies demonstrates why he is one of the few LP leaders left with any sense of reality and common decency. Of course public schools get stuck with all the troubled kids, behaviorally and mentally, that private schools can’t provide for.

    Contrary to all the rightwing claptrap Root, Limbaugh and others serve up my experience with public schools has always been positive and I’ve always gotten more than my money (and taxes) worth. I have two children in public schools and I wouldn ‘t put them anywhere else. In fact, I know more parents who transfer their kids from private to public schoools than the other way around. Despite a growing population base the local Christian Academy is on the verge of closing because of the exodus (no pun intended) of kids to public schools. I know parents who transferred their child from a Catholic school to public school because he was mentally challenged and the Catholic school would not provide the necessary curriculum in basic skills that the public schools provided.

  7. Marsha Wells

    We cannot just blame every crisis this country is facing on President Obama. There was a President in office for 8 years before him and he left a lot of unresolved issues and influenced many of these crisis. However, we need to give our President a chance to make changes and stop turning his solutions into socailist ideology.

  8. George Phillies

    Mind you, it will be of interest to see what President Obama actually says. I can readily imagine his stressing the importance of study, hard work, taking responsibility for yourself, seeking to become a better person, and helping your friends and classmates to do the same.

  9. The New New New New Reform Movement [?????????]

    Dearest Democratic Party visitor Marsha, Marsha, Marsha:

    Fact: Mister Obama’s main campaign slogan was ‘Change’!

    Fact: We are still in a JFK/ LBJ/ HHH/ Nixon style unwinable Viet Nam style quagmire!

    Fact: George W’s Gates is still Department of Defense!

    Fact: George W’s Benarick is still Department of Treasury.

    I could not talk the ladies of my little group out of voting for ‘Obama, My Yokohama Momma’ but I remain a Perot, Perot, Nader, Nader, Nader, Nader voter.

    Told ya so, told ya so, told ya so ……..

  10. George Phillies

    You can read the actual prepared text of the Obama speech at


    Note the substantially libertarian Obama message to students: ‘You have help, but in the end you are personally responsible for determining how well you do in school’ not to mention multiple praises for hard work.

    Contrast Obama’s substantially libertarian message to students with the right wing Republican drivel attacking Obama for a speech he did not give.

    We do not need a right wing Republican sock puppet repeating throwaway lines of right wing bigot television hosts as our candidate.

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  12. Aroundtheblockafewtimes

    SAT scores drop because the “pool” has more and more marginal test takers due to the pernicious idea (and financial assistance available) that “everyone can benefit by going to college.”

    Who knows what Obamessiah would have said absent the right-wing push back? That said, the reaction was embarrassing and, one might think, the conservatives walked right into the trap.
    Let’s use Obamessiah’s words about personal responsibility to show how libertarians promote it but the vast majority of programs put forth by Obamessiah and Congress do much to enable personal irresponsibility.

  13. libertariangirl

    for gods sake George , are you absolutely sure you dont want to join the democratic party. all i ever hear you say about Obama is in defense of him and attack those who attack him as regurgitating GOP ‘drivel’. seriously George you defend him more than the white house spokesman. and now you say his message is libertarian… um , not at all , not even a little bit . there is NOTHING libertarian about Obama.

    incidentally , im keeping my teenager home today ,m we are watching V , and Im teaching her how to make homemade pie crust. much better use of her time:)

  14. libertariangirl

    GP__We do not need a right wing Republican sock puppet repeating throwaway lines of right wing bigot television hosts as our candidate.

    ME_ we dont need a leftwing Democratic sockpuppet repeating throwaway lines of the Pres and current admin as our candidate or chair .

  15. libertariangirl

    for the record , id keep my kid home no matter what Pres from either major Party was speaking to schools.

  16. libertariangirl

    GP_” Do you suppose that’s because public schools are stuck with the severely retarded children that private schools and home schoolers won’t touch?

    me_ i know of several private and pulic schools dedicated for specifically mentally , physically and behaviorally challenged kids .

  17. paulie Post author

    My experience with government schools was that most of the kids were “mentally, physically and [or] behaviorally challenged,” as far as I could tell.

  18. Agent Kris

    I found Obama’s message to our kids to be very UNlibertarian. It would be objectionable if it weren’t just more of the same brainwashing dispensed everyday by the extension of the democratic party (ie public schools).

    Translation: “Be a good govt. drone, do what you’re told, don’t question, and you will do well. Step out of line, and you will fail.”

    He speaks about your government’s responsibility for setting high standards, but doesn’t mention that the government fails at that responsibility, miserably.

    If the government fails at that responsibility, how could it still be the responsibility of each student to submit to a system that has failed them?

  19. libertariangirl

    incidentally Wayne is working hard , barely sleeping and hardly eating , doing interviews and working for the LP

    Just a few highlights:

    FOX & Friends on Fox News on Wednesday at 8:15 AM EST
    Lou Dobbs Radio at 3 PM EST Thursday
    Bill Cunningham today at 1 PM EST
    Jim Bohannon at 10 PM EST Thursday
    WABC Radio in NY tonight

  20. GoodIdea

    Interesting old thread.

    Yes. Libertarians should work, as a top priority, to abolish all government schools. Vouchers might improve choice, but only total privatization of schools and private funding, a complete free market in education, will bring about better results for the kids.

    More interesting. The US is generally very low on the world tests. Korea ranks near the top. This is important because, in Korea, nearly all the learning takes place in private after school programs. An overwhelming majority of children attend many hours of private schools after their public schools let out. Here is an example:



    Koreans parents spend more money per capita on their children’s private educations than in any other country.

    In interviewing the children during a social studies discussion class, 100% of the kids agreed that they learn almost nothing in public school. It is their private classes that allow them to score high on the world tests.

    The children also agreed 100% that they would be better off if they could skip their public school classes each day and only attend the private academies.

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