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Two more Whigs running for Congress in Florida

Two more Modern Whig Party members have announced a run for Congress in Florida.  Paul McKain announced his months ago, and now Clayton Schock and John Annarumma are running in Florida’s 20th and 3rd congressional districts, respectively.  To get on the ballot, according to Ballot Access News, they will need to either pay a $8,500 filing fee or submit about 4,500 signatures.  On a related note, McKain has raised about $11,000 for his run so far, according to


  1. HS HS October 21, 2009

    Trying to submit this again since the system didn’t let me include what I believe to be links. The MWP or FWP sites will have the link to register.

    From the Whigs:

    Spend a few minutes with all three Modern Whig Party Congressional candidates from the comfort of your own home or office. In conjunction with the Florida Whig Party and the newly restored Whig National Committee, a nationwide virtual press conference and question/answer session will occur on Wednesday, October 21, 2009 from 7-7:30 ET.

    This is your opportunity to participate first-hand in the national effort to build a mainstream, non-fringe political movement that places common sense, rational solutions ahead of partisan bickering and ideology. Americans from across the country are expected to participate. To register for this free event, and to submit questions for the candidates and party leaders, click here.

  2. Don Lake, late at night Don Lake, late at night October 21, 2009

    Third Party, I have been bouncing around the muckie, muddie middle for a decade or more. I was the third top person in Arid Zona for the SUCCESSFUL John Anderson Fifty state effort in 1980. I am a Perot, Perot, Nader, Nader, Nader voter.

    The unethical Frank $500 MacKay Independence Party,in Sacramento, where he bought the Reform Party/ Deform Party USA CEO [non existence position] from Zionist Fascist John Bambey via Israel First John Blare!

    I have had my completely filled out San Diego County voter registrar form in the Modern Whig office in DC for months. It is either sitting in a large pile of correspondence or in the circular file [as the Whigs are not in need of California registrants]! That, like Unity 08 ‘s similar lack of action, sounds pretty fake and lame and non existent!

    Raxtaz: The Constitution Party is not in the least bit interested in the constitution [or taxes or veterans issues]. If it does not have to do with abortion, predatory homo sexuals, or sexual fisting ……..

  3. Raztaz Raztaz October 20, 2009

    The Whigs are actually ghosts that only manifest themselves in the shape of political candidates in New Jersey and Florida. These candidates are not real but actually are just CIA phantoms designed to bring about the New World Order and personally spy on everyone in the 619 area code. And that’s not being argumentative or opinion. It’s the truth.

    And while we’re on the subjct, the Green Party is fake because they’re actually Blue and the Constitution Party is fake because they really aspire to be the Declaration of Independence Party or quite possibly the Magna Carta Party.

  4. Don Lake, late at night Don Lake, late at night October 20, 2009

    Realistically, do the Whigs [Moderate Party, Independence Parties, reform folks …..] actually work with any one? Not trying to be argumentative, just realistic in my opinion.

  5. Third Party Revolution Third Party Revolution October 20, 2009

    From what McKain has on his platform right now, it takes a conservative viewpoint. But if he posts any of the more liberal stances on the issues, then he would look more like a centrist.

  6. HS HS October 20, 2009


    McKain also is running as a Whig, a moderate political movement. Nicholas is correct with his centrist statement because the Whigs have been called everything from conservative to liberal, which I take to mean it puts them right in the middle.

    I see nothing wrong with affiliations with various groups to establish a broad area of support. That’s why you see Whigs working with people on the right and the left, as well as middle. This is especially true for the Whigs who are conservative on certain issues such as fiscal responsibility, and more liberal to moderate on other social issues.

    Defining McKain strictly by one of his affiliations is shortsighted, although I’m sure the two other parties will be quick to adopt the same mindset.

    (sorry Ross, not trying to be argumentative, just realistic in my opinion.)

  7. Ross Levin Ross Levin Post author | October 20, 2009

    Paul McKain doesn’t seem very “centrist.” He’s part of Glenn Beck’s 9/12 movement.

  8. Nicholas Hensley Nicholas Hensley October 20, 2009

    Whigs are centrist. We aren’t a conservative party.

  9. Ross Levin Ross Levin Post author | October 20, 2009

    Nicholas, with your claims about Gore and Nader being as simplistic and incredible as they are, I don’t have much of a reason to believe in this “plot” that you’re talking about, since you’re offering up no proof of it.

  10. Yinzer Yinzer October 20, 2009

    This has some potential. The latest ABC/WaPo poll puts public faith in the GOP at 19%, while GOP ID is at 20%. Yes, there is deep dissatisfaction with Obama, but a party that is alienated from 4/5ths of the population seems less than likely to capitalize on it. A new conservativist party, if it is disciplined and well-funded, may very well succeed in displacing the GOP as the main party of the opposition. Could this be the New Whigs? If not them, than who? The Libertarians and Constitutionalists lack credibility (much like their brethren on the left, the Greens and the Socialists), so the New Whigs seem better positioned to appeal to mainstream conservatives.

  11. NewFederalist NewFederalist October 20, 2009

    Petra- Didn’t you mean “wigs” are fake? 😉

  12. Nicholas Hensley Nicholas Hensley October 19, 2009

    Actually, as much as McKain is the most qualified of the three, I like the other three better because I can line up more with their stances on the issues.

    Ross, there’s already a division in third parties. I already had to foil a Libertarian plot to tear down the North Carolina branch of the Modern Whigs. They got angry that we started sweeping up a small portion of their membership. The plot threw us back six months, and I’m not happy about it.

    As for Gore losing Florida, everyone knows that it was all Ralph Nadar and the butterfly ballots.

  13. Morgan Brykein Morgan Brykein October 19, 2009

    Nader probably helped Gore in Florida.

    And I think McKain has potential. I wish him good luck.

  14. Third Party Revolution Third Party Revolution October 19, 2009

    And how do you even know if the Green Party costed Gore the election? What if it was the other candidates who were on the ballot since they made more votes than the difference between Bush and Gore?

  15. HS HS October 19, 2009

    I finally asked two people about this “fake” business coming from the Green Party guy. Here’s what I learned that sounds about right:

    The “Whigs are Fake” person apparently is from the Independent Green Party and not the actual Green Party. Feel free to insert irony at any time. Some time ago, the Independent Greens met with the Whig chair and they invited him to run for office on their ticket and offered him a position on their board, or one of their boards, I’m not sure which. He ended up turning them down, although he is not one to really badmouth anyone so I didn’t get any dirt. Apparently, an Independent Green Party person became very angry at this perceived slight and viola, we have “Whigs are Fake” guy.

    But as Ross mentioned above, the WNC chair is linked pretty well with Democrats, Republicans, independents and others. In fact, I know that he has been approached by the GOP and Dems on some higher levels to work with them, and even Libertarians on some level, again don’t know where on the pecking order, so it’s not surprising to me that groups like the Independent Greens wanted to work with him.

    But obviously I know him and he remains committed to the Whigs and probably always will.

  16. Ross Levin Ross Levin Post author | October 19, 2009

    That’s not needed here from either Petra or Nicholas. Because the Greens were probably just as “fake” when they got started as a party and there are ten dozen things that got Bush elected before Nader did. The last thing we need are divisions between third parties.

  17. Nicholas Hensley Nicholas Hensley October 19, 2009

    Fake? No we’re not.

    Hey Petra, how did the Greens like helping George Bush get elected?

  18. Third Party Revolution Third Party Revolution October 19, 2009

    Paul McKain is doing a petition drive, since paying would drain the money that he has.

  19. Ross Levin Ross Levin Post author | October 19, 2009

    It’s not clear if the Whigs are on the ballot yet. I’m not sure why Paul McKain wouldn’t be, since he’s raised more than $8,500, and I don’t doubt the party’s ability to get them on the ballot. However, they’re not there yet.

  20. Jason Rogoski Jason Rogoski October 19, 2009

    According to Ballot Access News, No minor party has yet had as many as three candidates for U.S. House in any election year. The Libertarians had two in 2004, and the Reform Party had two in 2000. The Green Party has not had any in the last ten years. The most the Constitution Party ever had in any one year was one (one in 2002 and one in 2004). The Socialist Workers Party has not had any.

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