Modern Whigs To Meet December 12-13 in Washington

The latest update from the Modern Whig Party.

Revived by Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, the Modern Whig Party continues to gain momentum as a home for those moderate, mainstream and non-fringe voters who value common sense, rational solutions ahead of partisan bickering or strict left/right ideology.

As such, the time has come for a national meeting among party leaders, volunteers and others affiliated with this grassroots movement. The first Whig National Council meeting is scheduled for December 12-13, 2009 in Washington D.C., where the Modern Whig Party is headquartered.

There are many items on the agenda including electing a national leadership, plans for future growth, alliances with other political groups, and further elaboration of the Modern Whig positions on the issues.

9 thoughts on “Modern Whigs To Meet December 12-13 in Washington

  1. Truth Teller

    The truth is obvious from the lack of info in the story. The cliches, and the bashing of the three “Major minor” parties: Greens, Libertarians, Constitutionalists that have actually put nationwide candidates on the ballot.

    The story does NOT say where and when the supposed “national” meeting is supposed to occur…”Washington …”

    At a hotel?

    In a garage? Somebody’s basement?

    Who is the contact point….etc.

    The whigs are fake, as is the claim of a “national meeting”.

    The National Chairman in particular is lying wanna be…

  2. HS

    Elaine Stephens has been the national chairwoman for about 2 months. She also is the point of contact for the meeting and can let you know of the DC hotel that the meeting is being held at. It’s listed right there on the MWP website. The former chair accepted a government appointment.

    This Independent Green Party thing is getting very tiring.

  3. paulie Post author

    This Independent Green Party thing is getting very tiring.

    Yep. They have already been caught impersonating people, and now it looks like they may be behind the antisemitic comments posted here about Mike Lebowitz. Ironically, though, they seem to have an inexplicable fondness for elitist scumball Bloomberg.

  4. Don Lake .......... Prove Me Wrong

    Strange how shadowy the [so called] independent greens get when the questioning gets awkward …..

    [also the (so called) reform movement —— the CP, ya can’t shut them up, which is a real shame, not that they do not have the right to speak, but after the Bible Beating, they have so little to talk about ………..]

  5. The Last Conservative

    I would like to reassure everyone that the Independent Green Party, while it has committed many egregious violations on this blog, is not responsible for myself (The Last Conservative), ProPot AntiPot, Catholic Trotskyist, Joe in California, Independent Lurker, Protestant Stalinist, Maoist Scientologist, or whomever else has posted here under the social experiment started by Catholic Trotskyist on ThirdPartyWatch in 2007. I do recall that Catholic Trotskyist has been impersonaed a few times, and has been critical of the Independent Green Party in the past, so it is possible that they did it. As for me, the Independent Green Party is no worse than all the other liberal commie political groups around today.

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