Chuck Baldwin’s latest column

Excerpted from Chuck Baldwin’s latest column:

Think about it: I write this trenchant column each week, in which I name names; address the salient, penetrating issues of the day; and plainly address the sociopolitical topics that affect virtually every area of our lives. I have boldly rebuked Presidents from both major political parties. I have rebuked (and will continue to do so) neocon prosperity preachers. In fact, my criticism of G.W. Bush even brought upon me the ire of my dear friend and mentor, the late Dr. Jerry Falwell.

Please understand: I come from within the heart of the Religious Right movement of the 1980s. A graduate of what is now Liberty Bible Institute at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, I was the executive director of Florida’s Moral Majority during the Reagan years. I was among those invited to the White House to meet both President Ronald Reagan and Vice President George H.W. Bush. I traveled to foreign countries at Dr. Falwell’s invitation. I shared the platform with many of the Religious Right’s Who’s Who. I appeared on Falwell’s Old Time Gospel Hour. He featured some of my columns in his Liberty Journal and personally lauded my ministry in public meetings and in print. I traveled with him on his private jet for several speaking engagements. I have met many of the “big names” in both religion and politics over the past 3 decades.

But when it became obvious to me that both major political parties (at the national level) were being influenced by the same evil people and were both marching to the same beat from the same socialist/globalist drummers, and that the Religious Right had surrendered freedom’s principles for the sake of political partisanship and personal aggrandizement, I could not keep silent. And believe me, this decision has truly cost me.

When I criticized Bill Clinton for his Big-Government policies, I was regarded as a hero among “conservative” Christians. But when I began criticizing G.W. Bush for the very same reasons, I was vilified. When I was standing for the Constitution and Bill of Rights in opposing Clinton, I was a “true American patriot.” But when I stood for the Constitution and Bill of Rights in opposing Bush, I was called a “Bush-hater,” traitor, and worse.

But during all of this, my church stood by me. In fact, the church grew!

Then, in the providence of God–and with no personal ambition or covetousness for the honor–the Constitution Party (America’s 3rd largest political party in terms of registered voters) chose me as its Vice Presidential candidate in 2004 and as its Presidential candidate in 2008. And once again, my church stood by me. Of course, there were some died-in-the-wool Republicans who could not understand or appreciate what I was doing that left the church–but these were only a small percentage of the church body. The vast majority of my church family supported me, loved me, prayed for me, and stood by me. And get this: they even rejoiced when Congressman (and 2008 Republican Presidential candidate) Ron Paul endorsed me.

Most of the rest of the column is about raising money for his church.

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