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Examiner Interviews Joe Kennedy

At The Examiner, Arkady Kamenetsky interviews Joe Kennedy, independent candidate for US Senate in Massachusetts. 

Arkady: Congratulations on your successful ballot drive, what are your thoughts on your challengers this coming January; Democrat Attorney General Martha Coakley and Republican State Senator Scott Brown?

JK: My challengers are both Party Candidates. For me the parties are very much 2 sides of the same coin. Both parties are for more wars, bigger government, more taxes (or a significantly devalued currency), fewer liberties, ignore the constitution, etc. Bush pushed for wars, vast budget and trade deficits, increases entitlements and subordination of America’s interests to foreign interests. We know where the left stands… the same place.

Arkady: How would you answer to those people who accuse your supporters of throwing their vote away or an equally common accusation of splitting the vote with the Republican thereby paving the way for the Democrat?

JK: As for people who continue to grasp the argument about throwing away their vote: 51% of Massachusetts is Unenrolled – as I am. Rasmussen Reports that a Tea Party Candidate would top the GOP (link)I have been to Tea Parties and Can You hear us Now protests and I didn’t see Scott there. I am in the Majority (Unenrolled). Scott is Pro-Health Care. He urged people to vote against Question 1 (End the Income Tax) last year. I am not splitting a Vote with anyone. Me and Scott are very different. I am for Smaller Government, Lower Taxes, Defending All Liberties and total Equality. As for throwing a vote away, Rasmussen also states that the vast majorities do not trust either party – hence I am neither.

Read the whole thing, and check out Kennedy’s website.


  1. paulie paulie December 10, 2009

    Campaign updates from Joe at

    A Campaign Challenge.
    I have taken an unpaid leave of absence from my employer for this campaign. I personally do not believe that tax payers (or employers) should be paying us when we are not doing our jobs. I am asking if the other candidates would be willing to forego/give back their salaries for the amount of time they have been campaigning and for the duration: through January 20th? I look forward to their response.
    Joe Kennedy

    Welcome to the ballot.
    I would formally like to extend congratulations to Martha Coakley and Scott Brown for their victories this evening. It is nice to have them join the ballot and I look forward to the opportunity to debate the issues with them in the near future.

    All the best
    Joe Kennedy

    We are officially on the ballot.

    This morning (December 7th) we handed in and certified 13,998 signatures. We are officially the first candidate on the final ballot for the January 19th 2010 US Senate Election. My gratitude to all of you who made this possible. We are well on our way to returning government to the people.

    Posted on twitter and facebook:

    Media Blitz
    Tue at 8:51pm
    Dear Supporters.

    Today we added to our total count and we officially ended with 13,998 validated signatures. Not too bad for being told: IT CAN NOT BE DONE. Having said that we now have our next battle which is media attention. I spent over 3 hours on the phone today (mostly on hold) and the media does not want to give equal attention to non-party candidates. So I am asking you to reach out to any media you know and request more news about Independents (namely Joe Kennedy). Pick up the phone, go to blogs, sites, anywhere and post information about the campaign or just a simple link to the campaign site Recruit others to do the same. Also if you have other sites people can call please post them here to let people know about them. If you all spent just 10 minutes informing and reaching out to the media, we would get all the attention we need.

    Here are links to Blogs, Radio and Television Stations you can call on our behalf.
    Blogs to Post At:

    Media to Call:

    Sites to contact:

    Thank you for your continued support.


    And this just went out to 10,000 or so opt-in libertarian subscribers….

    Here’s a message from LIBERTARIAN Joe Kennedy:

    Dear Fellow Libertarian,

    Have you had enough of the job losses, deficit spending, taxation and foreign policy fiascos? Are you tired of the endless intrusion on your rights? Do you think we need to demand equality for all, and put government back in its place: serving the population? So do I.

    We all know both the Republicans and Democrats in Washington have shown their determination for out of control spending, endless war and entitlements that are bankrupting our nation. It’s time to break the cycle, and now we can. My name is Joe Kennedy and I am a member of the National Libertarian Party who is running as an Independent in the Massachusetts Special Election on January 19th, 2010 to take the U.S Senate seat previously held by Ted Kennedy (no relation to me).

    A donation to my campaign is a donation to take America back, refocus government on what America needs and ensure that our rights and wallets are intact for the future. Please consider a donation of $100 to the campaign, although any amount will help send an unmistakable message to Washington.

    Don’t sit still; let your voice be heard! Please consider supporting me in my quest for a seat in the Senate just as I support the rest of you in your quest for Life, Liberty and Happiness.

    Please go to

    to make an online donation or you can send a check to:

    Committee to Elect Joe Kennedy to Senate
    P.O. Box 368
    Needham Heights, MA 02494-0003

    Thank you for your generous support. Together we will take back America!

    In Liberty,

    Joe Kennedy

  2. Citizen1 Citizen1 December 10, 2009

    The has been no mention of Joe in the news around here when mentioning the match up. They may be doing him a favor and not mentioning that he is no relation.

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