Joe Kennedy Picks Up Endorsements and Momentum

Kennedy Seat reports that Joe Kennedy, independent US Senate candidate in MA, has picked up two endorsements, one from a group called Bring Home the Politicians and another from the Free Patriot Press

Independent candidate for Senate Joe Kennedy picked up a couple of endorsements of his own yesterday.

First, the Kennedy campaign received the endorsement of Bring Home The Politicians (BHTP), a group that “demands” that elected officials in Washington spend at least 75% of their time in their home states and telecommute to the nation’s capitol.

“Bring Home The Politicians proudly endorses Joseph Kennedy for US Senate,” Michael Norbury of BHTP stated . . .

Kennedy also announced the endorsement of the Free Patriot Press, a blog founded in June 2009  “to ensure a FREE PRESS for the FREEDOM MOVEMENT (their caps, not mine).

Darryl W Perry of Free Patriot Press (who apparently is running for U.S. President in 2016) stated, “It is with great pleasure that I give Joe Kennedy the official endorsement of Free Patriot Press, as well as my personal endorsement.”