Libertarian candidate says to slash commissioner salaries

Karl Dickey in the Examiner:

Palm Beach County commission candidate, Karl Dickey said this morning, “Our county commissioners should take a pay cut showing they are serious about getting the budget under control. We need to slash commissioner salaries by at least 35%.”

Although such a reduction is mostly symbolic based on the size of the county budget, it would show taxpayers the commissioners are serious about reigning in spending. Suggestions to reduce commissioner salaries has been brought before the commission in the past without success.

Karl Dickey is suggesting a pay of $60,000 for county commissioners as the median family income for county residents is around $50,000. Mr. Dickey added, “The high-flying times are gone and the commissioners need to get real. I would even support a proposal to bring the salary down to as much at $50,000.”

Mr. Dickey is also encouraged by county administrator, Robert Weisman’s commitment to submit the 2011 budget excluding all non-mandated items.

Mr. Dickey will face off against Republican Steven Abrams in the November, 2010 election for District of Palm Beach County. The Democrats have not put up a candidate to go against Dickey or Abrams.

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