Moderate Party of Rhode Island: ‘Why it matters now, more than ever’

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Why it matters now, more than ever

Two years ago now, this effort began as a journey of one. Now, we count more than a thousand followers and we are on this journey together.

Through conversations with friends, colleagues and neighbors, it is clear that Rhode Island needs something other than what it currently has; we deserve better.

We have been to court, we have walked the state gathering signatures, we have won some battles and taken a few hits in others. We have fought and continue to fight our way through the many roadblocks put in our path by those that fear what we can accomplish. Through all of this, we haven’t lost site of what we are fighting for.

Rhode Island needs more balance, more common sense and more common ground in our government. Rhode Island needs less entrenched political power that caters to special interests and the self-interest of a few. Rhode Island needs new voices and new ideas to feed the discussion and the debate.

Most of all, Rhode Island needs new leadership.

The Moderate Party of Rhode Island was born with these ideas in mind and today, just about four months from the day we officially became a political party, we are even more committed to these ideas.

Moving forward, we will face more challenges. It is important for us to acknowledge this, to not be taken by surprise when it happens, and to be prepared to fight back. Those that hold power hold it tightly and the insular world of Rhode Island politics dictates that those in power will try to block us at every turn. We must stay strong. We must do what’s right. We must fight through and we must succeed.

You know this. You know that if we stop fighting, if we just give up and go home, they win–and Rhode Island loses. You receive these emails because you’re fed up with the status quo, with non-responsive government, with oversized tax burdens and undersized services in return. It doesn’t have to be this way. The Moderate Party can bring change to Rhode Island. We just can’t do it without you.

To fix what is wrong with Rhode Island, the Moderate Party must have your support. We need you to stand with us, to not allow yourselves to be pressured into backing down, to not give into the threats and the fear and we need your financial support. Can I count on you for a donation?

Please buy a raffle ticket or two (comes with a great calendar) and help us accomplish our goals by providing us with the lifeblood necessary for success.

Raffle tickets with calendars can be purchased here:


A donation of any amount WILL help us achieve our goals.

Donations can be made here:


This journey is a difficult one. If it were easy, we would have many more choices at the polls than we do now. The stakes could not possibly be higher. What we’re fighting for matters and we’ll only get there together.

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phone: 401-681-4966

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