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Eugene Platt published in Charleston paper posted by Gregg Jocoy:

Eugene Platt, a member of the South Carolina Green Party Steering Committee and candidate for State House, has had a letter to the editor published in the Charleston Post and Courier. Platt, who is often in the editorial pages with columns and letters on topics important to Greens and other progressives, targets the Charleston City Council. The council has rejected the Charleston Green Plan: Sustainability & Climate Protection for the 21st Century.

Act responsibly

How unfortunate that Charleston City Council found itself lacking sufficient courage to adopt the Charleston Green Plan: Sustainability & Climate Protection for the 21st Century. Council’s adoption would have been an extraordinary gift not only for their constituents, but also for everyone in the larger community. After all, to paraphrase John Donne’s famous sermon, no city is an island, entire of itself. Any city’s shortcomings in sustainability diminish the others, because all are involved in mankind. Therefore, never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

Adoption of the Charleston Green Plan is a rare policy issue that transcends consideration of ‘liberal versus conservative.’ Truly, it is one of ‘responsible versus irresponsible.’ We pray City Council will act responsibly when it revisits this issue next year.

As articulated in its ‘Ten Key Values,’ the Green Party is on the cutting edge of environmental responsibility: ‘We support a sustainable society which utilizes resources in such a way that future generations will benefit and not suffer from the practices of our generation.’ City Council, as well the state Legislature and Congress, would do well to follow our lead. (See

Eugene Platt

Member, Steering Committee

South Carolina Green Party

Gilmore Court

James Island

Mr. Platt is vice chair of the James Island PSD.

Green Party of England and Wales take power company ploy to task posted by Gregg Jocoy:

In a posting at the Green Party of England and Wales website, the party takes the German power company Npower to task for the way the company has handled it’s responsibility to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

“It’s time energy companies really started taking their responsibilities seriously. Dodges like this are inexcusable.

What was their dodge? Instead of taking steps to insulate buildings, improve plant efficiency, or improve transmission performance, Npower sent out 12 million compact florescent lightbulbs. The government has banned this approach to cutting greenhouse emissions, but Npower was able to get them mailed before the ban went into effect.

The Times Online explains the company’s attitude on global climate change in a final paragraph.

Npower did not know how many of the bulbs would be used. “There is nothing under [the carbon emissions reduction target scheme] that means we have to get evidence that bulbs are being used. It’s up to the customer.

Green Party News roundup posted by Gregg Jocoy:

The Irish Times is reporting that the Irish Green Party has forced the governing party, Fianna Fáil, to hold a vote on ending the hunting of male deer, or stags. The article says that the Green Party forced a vote on the issue by negotiating it with Fianna Fáil during talks aimed at preventing a government collapse. Apparently now some Fianna Fáil members of the Teachta Dála, the lower chamber of the Irish Parliament, want to be free to vote to retain the stag hunt; in essence saying that they want to ignore the terms their leaders committed to earlier.

Meanwhile, in Canada, the Prime Minister has suspended parliament for two months, and The Star is quoting Green Party leader Elizabeth May saying

“We need to kick and scream at this insult to democracy – because that is what it is. We need to support each other, efforts by other parties, non-political leadership,”

This move by the Harper government will kill a committee probing the transfer of Afghan prisoners by Canadian troops. The closing of parliament also shuts down vocal opposition to his conservative government policies as news viewers would not see MPs attacking the Harper administration and it’s policies.

The Huddersfield Daily Examiner is reporting that Andrew Cooper, Kirklees’ Green Party leader, is raising objections to the government staff standing in the way of expanding the use of solar panels in that community. Cooper is quotes saying

“I think it’s non-sensical, if we are really interested in conservation in its wider sense we should look at the possibility of putting solar panels on all roofs.”

New York Green Party stalwart Howie Hawkins has an article at Op Ed News titled “2010: Third Party Time for Progressives and Independents?

If anyone doubts where Hawkins stands vis-avis the Democrats, this should clear up the waters:

We shouldn’t be surprised. History shows that for more than a century the Democrats’ role in the two-party system of corporate rule has been to co-opt, absorb, weaken, and defeat movements for progressive change,

His call for a Green New Deal ends this way:

The Green Party has been organizing toward an independent progressive alternative for years. The Greens have won hundreds of local elections throughout the country in recent years, almost a third of those they enter. Their percentage of votes in state and national legislative elections has steadily climbed, often to double digits. These results indicate the potential. But it will not be realized until a critical mass of progressive organizers and activist break with the Democrats.

Finally, in a press release posted to Wire Service Canada, the Barrie Federal Green Party Association announced that former CBC journalist Ralph Benmergui will deliver the keynote speech at the Annual General Meeting. The Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 10, at 2:00 PM. The meeting will take place in the Angus Ross Room, Barrie Public Library, 60 Worsley St., Barrie.

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