Lauro Garzo: Will Crypto-Libertarianism Doom the Republican Party?

Posted by Lauro Garzo at Texas GOP vote:

Houston area Republican activist Bill Kneer posted the question on Facebook recently, “Will the Libertarian wing of our party destroy us like the socialist wing is doing to the Democrat party?” Bill is not a great typist, but he asks really great thought provoking questions from time to time. This is one. In fact, however, it is the very one I have been asking for the past ten months. Bill’s posting has gotten much attention on Facebook.

People are beginning to ask me if that is all I care about? One writer recently posed, “Why don’t you report on Rick Perry’s trip to the Bilderberg meeting instead of trying to demean Debra Medina and Dr. Paul?” I answered his question but more importantly, he and so many others have fallen for this crypto-libertarian idea that they are the real conservatives and that libertarianism, the Ron Paul variation, is somehow, the purer faith (I know that is an oxymoron with regard to Libertarianism) so to speak, or “the root of conservatism” as they, the crypto-libertarians, continuously take Reagan out of context.

Also, after the CPAC conference where persons like Ann Coulter said Ron Paul’s policies, except for his foreign policy, were just fine with her, I began to think I was alone in my oppostion to the crypto-libertarians as they try to overtake the Republican Party and re-write the platform.

But I am not alone, my internet radio show, LatinoTalk, has listeners in Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Texas and Florida. One writer posted this on Bill Kneer’s Facebook note, “Republicans are not Jesus freaks. Let the Gay agendas run wild and see what happens. They want Gay education in schools. Gender neutral bathrooms and tons of other nonsense. Do libertarians really stand for this?

Another wrote,

“So glad to see so many true conservatives speaking out against libertarianism. FINALLY! The Republican party must get back to conservative roots, BUT THAT IS NOT LIBERTARIANISM! Much as they like to taut it, Libertarians are NOT ultra Right, they are very much LEFT of Right and WRONG. They are fed so many lines that sound good on the surface, but when carried out in practice destroy our very foundation. Lauro Antonio Garza, you are sooooooo Right! Am going to look up your website/radio show right now!”

Whooo Hooo! Another fan of Republicanism…hah! Take that Dr. Paul!

IPR Note: will this article is not about alternative parties per se, it is about the impact an alternative party ideology is having within a duopoly party (and the push back against it from withing the duopoly party’s establishment). Pushing duopoly parties in an alternative direction has traditionally been a major function of alternative political parties. While I would not want to see articles like this dominate IPR, IMO an occassional article like this is appropriate. However, if readers and/or the editor feel otherwise, I’ll remove it (or at least not do it again). -Paulie

16 thoughts on “Lauro Garzo: Will Crypto-Libertarianism Doom the Republican Party?

  1. NewFederalist

    I don’t recall ever seeing a similar article about the socialist wing of the Democrats. I vote for very limited coverage of things like this because it could overwhelm this site if it became the norm.

  2. TXcarlosTX

    I think Ron was 1 of 4 congressmen to endorse Reagan in his first run for president. Reagan also campaigned for Ron congressional run in Texas. Dont be a hatter. Ron is usually 2-4 years ahead of everything. Example : Presidential debates on economic issues. I went to my first Tea Party in 07. So just let the Libertarian wing of the Republican Party get stronger. It took the Neo-Conservatives several years to get in power. It wont take us that many. Just sit back and relax. Enjoy the show.

  3. paulie Post author


    I have no intention of running lots of articles like this. The only question is whether we should run any at all.


    I doubt that those who think like the original author are here (at least much). We tend to have more people who are concerned about the Libertarian Party becoming too much like the Republican Party than the other way around.

  4. L Visser

    Despite the name Democratic Socialists of America, I doubt this is in reference to any kind of faction within the Democratic Party. However, you are correct in pointing to the CPC as a progressive, or even what some would consider a socialist (albeit a bourgeois socialist) element of the Democratic Party.

    In regards to the article, I would be in favor of seeing more stuff like this on IPR as long as it is still in the minority of articles.

  5. John C

    Libertarians should just let the “conservatives” have the GOP and let them keep ruining it themselves.

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