Limbaugh Challenges Listeners to Identify Third Party and Independent Candidates for Office

Providing a golden opportunity for conservative and libertarian third party and independent advocates, Rush Limbaugh has challenged his listeners to identify third party candidates for office and asked them to “call me and tell me and we’ll discuss it.”  From his radio show yesterday:

Now, if you happen to think a third party is the best way to go, then go out there and form it.  You think a third party is needed? You go form it.  You people who think everybody sucks, go show us how not to suck!  You form a third party! Find your candidate, name your party. Go out there and name your congressional candidates and your Senate candidates. Show me how you’re going to put together a third party governing force. Show me. You sit out there and saying everybody else sucks, then you say that I suck because I don’t realize everybody else sucks.

Okay. So if you’re the only ones that don’t suck then you go show us who do suck how not to.  Do it!  You got all the answers.  You’re making all the success. You’re in such a powerful mode here. I guess you can all call me and write me and tell me what you’ve done to bring about this massive success in this past year.  Yeah, I want to me hear about it.  I want to hear about it.  I want to hear who your third-party leaders are.  Who are you going to run for president in the third party?  Who is it?  Tell me who it is! “Well, I can’t come up with one buh, buh, buh, buh (mumbling).” Well, then why are you so insistent the Republicans name one today?  If you can’t come up with somebody in a third party, if you’ve got somebody out there, call and tell me, and we’ll discuss it.  Ideas, my friends, and not personalities are what matter.

Here’s the contact page at Limbaugh’s website.

10 thoughts on “Limbaugh Challenges Listeners to Identify Third Party and Independent Candidates for Office

  1. NewFederalist

    Rush is such a tool! But then again, so is O’Reilly, Hannity and Beck (although he actually might be trying to change).

  2. More

    and how many interview invitations has my fellow Missourian given out ???????

    In San Diego FORMER mayor Roger Hedgecock gives out the same bovine escritoire and then does not follow up on his PROMISES to interview you or even allow you to get thru the call in number!

    STEER MANURE [straight from Ag School]

  3. mickey d

    What a waste of oxegyn.
    Plain and simple, Limbaugh is part of the problem and really, he sucks.

  4. More Denial of Logic

    Bonieth // Feb 25, 2010 at 2:12 am

    Limbaugh looks (and acts) like Frosty [Bossey] the Snow Man on crack ………

    I am ashamed that he is a Missourian.

    It is that ole ‘Making It up as you go along’ syndrome (neo con in particular and politicians in general)

  5. DR BAD

    I will tell that pig rush limbaugh same as i will you other gas bags, Get a Dictionary or go Google those big words you use.
    “Independent” I dont need a leader.
    I vote on the person not the party.
    You baby murdering killing war criminals.
    Steal, lie too and muder your own troops and children.
    Dummycrat or Repiglican all the same.
    And in the end? it is “I ” The “Independent has
    the final vote”.
    and some one has to do the actual work.

  6. Wes

    Mr. Linbaugh,
    I think you and your staff better wake up and smell the coffee! The Independent American Parto of Nevada has been around for 40 years and is part of the Constiturtional Party. The membership in this state is in excess of 60,000 and growing. If all the “independent” factions were to unite, washington would be turned up side down and for the good. More info? Go to and read Tim’s position papers and contact info. Oh, and tell your staffers to get of their collective butts and do their homework! The time for a third party is now!!

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