Proposed LNC Meeting Agenda, February 27-28 Austin

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(Revision 2/14/2010 – check blog for updates.)

Libertarian National Committee, Inc.

February 27-28, 2010 Meeting Agenda
Austin, Texas

Saturday, February 27, 2010 & Sunday, February 28, 2010

Call to Order

1:00 PM
Moment of Reflection 1 minute

Opportunity for Public Comment

10 minutes

Credentials Report and Paperwork Check (Secretary) 5 minutes

Approval of the Nashville Minutes (Secretary)

5 minutes
Adoption of the Agenda 5 minutes

Report of Potential Conflicts of Interest

5 minutes
Standing Reports
Chair’s Report 15 minutes
Treasurer’s Report 30 minutes
Secretary’s Report

10 minutes

Staff Report
Staff Reports 60 minutes
Counsel’s Report

30 minutes

Reports of Standing Committees

Convention Committee (Colley) 20 minutes

Affiliate Support Committee (Jingozian)

30 minutes
Bylaws Committee Report (Karlan) 5 minutes
Platform Committee Report (Mattson) 5 minutes

Items Postponed from Previous Meeting

Donor Disclosure Committee Recommendation & Amendment (Hinkle)

30 minutes

New Business Without Previous Notice

Convention Floor Fees (Dixon) 30 minutes

Convention Speakers (Ruwart)

15 minutes
Ballot Access Report (Redpath) 15 minutes
Campus Organizing Report (Lark) 5 minutes
Various Regions

5 minutes per

Opportunity for Public Comment

10 minutes

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