PSL: IVAW and other veterans groups mobilize for March 20 March on Washington

As the war effort in Afghanistan intensifies, momentum for the March 20 National March on Washington is growing. Iraq Veterans Against the War is now the latest to join hundreds of organizations and individuals who have endorsed the March 20 mobilization.

“A permanent presence in Iraq, escalation in Afghanistan, and incursions into Pakistan while people are unemployed or uninsured is not exactly ‘change you can believe in.’ These wars and occupations will not end until the people make it clear that we will not stand for business as usual. IVAW encourages people from all walks of life to join with the soldiers, veterans, and families who are raising a banner against illegitimate war,” said Jose Vasquez, Executive Director of Iraq Veterans Against the War.

In addition to IVAW, numerous veterans organizations, including Veterans for Peace, March Forward! and others are mobilizing for the demonstration. So, too, are military families from around the country.

Veterans organizations are mobilizing; so must all of us. Talking against the war is fine. But what is needed now is for thousands of people to come into the streets.

On Monday, five Afghan civilians were killed in an airstrike in Kandahar. Twelve others, mostly women and children, were killed by a missile the day before. The early claim that the weapon had “malfunctioned” was soon replaced by an admission that the missile had hit its intended target.

General Stanley McChrystal summed up these cruel and criminal killings as “regrettable.”

What hypocrisy. Injured Afghans trying to leave Marjah seeking medical assistance cannot get past checkpoints set up by occupation forces that have taken control of the roads. Last year was the most deadly for Afghans, and casualties are expected go even higher this year. In January, retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey called on the U.S. public to be prepared to “accept hundreds of U.S. casualties each month.”

If the Pentagon brass found any loss of life truly “regrettable,” the war would be over. In fact, it would have never started.

On March 20, people across the United States will converge on Washington, D.C. There will be joint demonstrations in San Francisco and Los Angeles. We will demand, “No Colonial-type Wars and Occupations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Haiti!” We will march together to say, “No War Against Iran!” We will demand money for jobs, free and universal health care, decent schools, and affordable housing.

Please make an urgently needed donation!

Please make your plans to come to Washington, D.C. now. If you cannot come, please make an urgently needed donation that can help others attend.

The March 20 National March on Washington depends on the support from thousands of others like you who are taking a stand against the the expanding wars and occupations. Please make your contribution today.

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Click here for information on the March 20 demonstration in San Francisco.
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11 thoughts on “PSL: IVAW and other veterans groups mobilize for March 20 March on Washington

  1. Feckless

    @ Green Party fan,

    You say: “The Green Party is active in this also.
    Retired U.S. Navy Captain Ron Fisher, Independent Green Party of Virginia candidate for U.S. House…”

    Isn’t that disingenous? The Independent Green Party is a shady fraud that is seeking to use the Green Party name for its own agenda. In short, the Independent Green Party is NOT affiliated with the Green Party and neither is its perenial candidates such as Ron Fisher, that creepy lady or that Carey Campbell guy. I doubt the Green Party would ever try to hijack names like Bloomberg and Ron Paul and just place them on the ballot without their consent in order to score some cheap and, again, dishonest, points toward whatever creepy agenda is being attempted.

  2. Green Party fan


    When you’ve gathered 70,000 petition signatures a year for a couple decades for Independents, Greens, Libertarians, and Constitution candidates..

    When you recruited several hundred candidates to get on the ballot over those years…

    you call that a fraud…

    You’re silly….and I am being very kind.

  3. Feckless

    “GP” fan,

    1) Can you prove that the Independent Green Party as an organization assisted the Greens, LP and CP?

    2) You failed to address the fact that you wrongly attributed the Green Party involvement with perennial candidate Fisher, when he is in fact not a part or associated with the actual Green Party but instead with this completely separate group that only shares the “Green” name.

  4. Green Party fan

    Thanks again for this story.

    Applause to all the Green Party folks and all the veterans working to bring America troops and tax dollars home from Iraq and Afghan.

    That is the key thing to remember here, and let us all work together to get that done…writting as veteran and tax payer.

    Prove that Indy Greens helped Libertarians and Constitution Party candidates…The proof is on the internet. The various candidate well know.

    Naval Academy grad, with 33 years of service Retired Navy Captain Ron Fisher doesn’t need me to defend him, or defend his record. Like retired Air Force Officer Gail for Rail Parker, retired USMC Col. Marv Pixton, retired U.S. Army Col. Albert Burchard, USAF veteran Carey Campbell and many more these American patriots and Independent Greens have served this nation, and Virginia.

    At 74 years old that Captain Fisher is immensely qualified to represent the Peace movement, the Independent Green Party is obvious to any fair minded person.

    Captain Fisher, I believe has been on the ballot for the Indy Greens for state legislature in 2007, and for U.S. House in 2008. That’s a modest and humble attempt to have positive impact on public policy.

    I understand there are exclusive, and exclusionary folks in politics in all parties.

    What is obvious is that Ron Fisher and the Indy Greens are inclusive, welcoming all to the public square, and the Green Party.

    I’ll be there March 20. As I’m sure Ron Fisher will be. Hope to see you there.

    Let’s stop these wars with positive action for nonviolence and peace..

    Let Captain Fisher speak for himself

  5. Erik Geib

    I can’t see this working out for them very well seeing as all the roads are going to be blocked off for the National Marathon that weekend.

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