0 thoughts on “California Democracy Act is endorsed by Peace and Freedom Party

  1. Michael Seebeck, ballot analyst

    Well, of course they would support Prop 15.

    Never mind the obvious point that they would be shut out of public funding just like every other non-D/R party, further tilting the playing field against them.

    I swear, do these folks even *read* these things, or does being stupid come naturally to them?

  2. .......... via Don Lake

    3 responses so far ?


    1 ………. via Don Lake // Mar 15, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    At first glance it appears that P&F is endorsing the #@$%#$ Democratic Party of California ……..

    [original ‘header’ removed! Good!]

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  5. Work on it folks .......... via Don Lake

    would not post on ‘Montana’ thread ……….

    Mimics the self destructed national Nature Law Party in May 2004.

    Independently, Richard Winger [secular saint of Ballot Access News fame], Sacramento’s Phil Sawyer [California Third Party Renessiance Man] and my self [Reform Party California veterans official] lobbied for off ballot folks to arraign to inhabit the various state shells of the ballot abandoned NLP!

    The silence was deafening!

  6. Mike SEEbeck

    To Don “Go Jump in the” Lake:

    If stupidity were illegal, only libertarians would be in charge, and you’d be replaced by a shell script run by a chron job.

    Don’t insult people.

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