Time Lists Top Ten Alternative Political Movements

Via Third Party and Independent Daily:

Time Magazine has published a story on the top ten alternative political movements, which includes the Tea Party, the Modern Whig Party, the Pirate Party and the US Marijuana Party.

Time’s list (not all political parties):

1. The Tea Party

2. The Anti-Masons

3. The Euroskeptics

4. The Modern Whig Party

5. The Polish Beer Lovers’ Party

6. American Secessionists

7. The Bull Moose Party

8. The Freedom Party

9. The Pirate Party

10. US Marijuana Party

4 thoughts on “Time Lists Top Ten Alternative Political Movements

  1. Ross Levin

    Not surprisingly, TIME forgoes substance and focuses largely on the “movements” with the catchiest names.

  2. NewFederalist

    I guess I remember why I don’t read that “news” magazine anymore. What trash!

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