Billings Gazette: Libertarian candidate for Governor of Wyoming is sorry for racist remarks

Posted in the Billings Gazette:

CHEYENNE — Casper businessman Mike Wheeler is set to become the Libertarian nominee for governor at the state party’s convention today in Lander.

But as Wheeler prepares to accept the nomination, he’s also writing a formal apology to Latinos for comments he made at a gubernatorial candidate forum last week in Cheyenne.

Asked about illegal immigration at the forum, Wheeler said growing up in southern Colorado, he knew “a couple of people that had a little water on their backs.” He also lamented that many Wyomingites are “losing a job to somebody that’s probably sending their money back to Chihuahua for tacos.”

On Friday, Wheeler said he’s writing a letter to the editor to apologize for his comments. But, he said he’s “disheartened” that some people have labeled him as a racist without bothering to ask for his thoughts.

“I’m just not a racist person. I’ve gotten into fistfights with people for dropping the big ‘N-bomb’ and for derogatory statements,” Wheeler said. “If I do have a prejudice, it is against businesses that choose to employ illegal aliens.”

Wheeler said as governor, he would work to more strictly enforce laws requiring employers to check potential employees’ residency status.

The state Libertarian convention will be held at the Best Western in Lander starting at 11 a.m.

8 thoughts on “Billings Gazette: Libertarian candidate for Governor of Wyoming is sorry for racist remarks

  1. Don Wills

    The article in the MT newspaper just parrots what the Casper Star Tribune wrote in two articles and one editorial over the last week. The Casper Star Tribune, yet another fine leftist rag that is losing circulation rapidly, but that is the newsrag of record in Wyoming, has decided to go on a vendetta against Wheeler, calling for him to drop out of the race for governor.

    The LP of Wyoming ignored the CST and nominated Mike Wheeler for governor in convention today. Other than his position on immigration (which is equally hard on employers and illegals), he’s a pretty traditional libertarian. He’s anti-war, has a pony-tail and wears nice suits. Most importantly he’s a complete novice to politics – he stuck his foot in his mouth on his first outing against 3 GOP candidates and is learning very quickly about the very nasty real world of politics.

    Don Wills
    chairman, Wyoming LP

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