Bob Barr To Appear On Cavuto and at Atlanta Tea Party

Bob Barr, the former Libertarian Presidential candidate in 2008 and former Congressman from Georgia, is scheduled to come on Neil Cavuto’s show any minute now. He is present at the Atlanta Tea Party and will be speaking. He is going to be interviewed on the subject of the political makeup of the teaparties.

UPDATE: Barr was interviewed at 6:05pm Eastern until 6:09pm Eastern. We will post a video when we get it.

He was asked, “Do you want to see a third party in America?”

Bob Barr said, “You’ve got to break the two party monopoly.”

He referred to himself, or was referred to, several times as a member of the Libertarian Party.He was, at one point, asked which major party he’d like to see die first. Bob Barr replied that he’d like to see the Democratic Party die first because it’s the party of “Damn big government” as opposed to the Republicans, who simply represent “Big government”. Barr called for a rise in third parties in general and urged the tea party to remain politically independent from the two parties.

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