John Anderson Comments on Crist’s Possible Switch to Independent

With all of the recent rumors of Charlie Crist’s possible switch to Independent in the 2010 Senate race, the news has been speculating about how well he would do, polling and fundraising numbers aside. The Sun Sentinel newspaper in Florida has interviewed a number of figures in Florida about Crist’s possible switch to Independent. One of the most interesting people to comment on the possible switch is former Congressman John Anderson, who appeared on all fifty ballots in 1980 during a run for President as an Independent.

“I think 2010 may be one of those instances where people are tending to look a little bit askance at both parties,” Anderson said. “There might be a window of opportunity for an independent candidate here in the state of Florida given the kind of campaign that seems to be shaping up…. This would give a way out for people who don’t want to permanently leave either party but think it is time to teach both parties a lesson.”

Anderson is now 88 years old and teaching law at Nova Southeastern University.

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