LNC alternate Scott Lieberman, Kristin Davis and supporters to meet in New York

Forwarded by Eric Sundwall. I was hoping to investigate the speculation that it is a “shadow convention” further, but have limited time and would like to get at least a minimal article up. That issue can be addressed in the comments and/or followup post(s). This is an invitation-only event with 16 or fewer people and will not be at the same time as the LPNY convention. -p

From: Scott Lieberman
Subject: Roger Stone/Kristin Davis Meeting – Sunday, April 11 – Official Invitation

Okay Ladies and Gentlemen:

Here it is.

This is your OFFICIAL invitation to the Roger Stone and Kristin Davis meeting next weekend.

Date – Sunday, April 11, 2010

Time – 11:50am-Noon “Registration”

Noon-1:00pm Lunch

1:00pm-2:30pm Meeting

Place – Rosie O’Grady’s (in their Wine Room)

149 West 46 St (this is about halfway between 6th and 7th Avenue)
Manhattan, NY

(there is another Rosie O’Grady’s on 7th Avenue at 52nd St. If you show up at that location, you are at the wrong restaurant!)

As I have already told you, the restaurant expects that everyone who attends will buy lunch. The total tab for your lunch, including tax and service charge, should be less than $26 (excluding alcoholic beverages).

I just reconfirmed with the restaurant, and they now claim that they are willing to do separate checks. I am a little suspicious that they can do that, but if they do – that would be fantastic.

Please note that in any case, your check will include a 20% service charge, and your infinitesimal sales tax.

The people I am officially inviting as of right now are…

Kristin Davis
Roger Stone
2 staff members from the Kristin Davis campaign

Scott Lieberman
Dan Karlan

Joe Dobrian
Ron Moore
Mark Axinn
Sam Sloan
Gary Donoyan
Michael Houze
Audrey Capozzi
Blay Tarnoff

As you all know, I am limiting the number of people at this meeting to make sure that everyone gets a chance to speak and ask questions. However, I have tried VERY hard to make sure the attendees are as representative of the LPNY as possible. I am willing to have up to 16 people attend, so if any of the above 14 people can not make it, I will invite someone to replace them, plus I *might* invite enough people to get the total attendance up to 16.

I am also inviting Chris Edes, Warren Redlich, and Eric Sundwall, but I am 90% sure that they have already made it clear that they can not make it.

I will try very hard to be just the moderator, and to not offer opinions. However, I have two rules…

1. Don’t be nasty. You can disagree with someone, but don’t be nasty about it.

2. Don’t be longwinded. I want everyone in the room to get a chance to speak and ask questions, and that won’t happen if you hog the floor for 7 minutes straight.

Here are some additional notes….

1. You can order off their Brunch menu, OR order off their Lunch menu. I STRONGLY recommend that you print both of these menus, look at them over the next few days, circle what you want, and bring them with you. That way, we can have the orders taken by 12:10pm. That will let us finish lunch by 1:10pm, which gives us a good 80 minutes for the formal part of the meeting. We have the room until 3pm, but I certainly hope we can finish by 2:30pm.

Those two menus are two pages each. The link is http://rosieogradys.com/46thstreet/menus.php

2. Please try to arrive between 11:50am and Noon. I am going to have the orders taken at 12:10pm, so that we can finish lunch by 1:10pm. If we run on time, we can get the introductions and my preliminary remarks out of the way while we are waiting for our food, so that we can almost definitely finish by 2:30pm.

3. This invitation is for YOU, personally. You may not bring a guest. This is because the capacity of the room is limited, and I don’t want people to be shoved in elbow to elbow.

The proposed agenda for the meeting…

Mr. Stone, Ms. Davis, and their staffers will get 10 minutes in total to speak. They can divide that time any way they want amongst themselves.

Then, I will give each LPNY member, plus Mr. Karlan, 2 minutes to speak. You can certainly ask someone a question during that time, but the time for the answer will come out of your two minutes.

The above will take up about 30 minutes. Then, that still gives us a 50 minute free-flowing meeting. I will try very hard to keep my mouth shut during that 50 minutes, except to enforce rules 1 and 2 above.

I know, lots of rules. But – I have been to too many LNC Meetings which took 30% longer than they had to, because the “rules” were not enforced.

My goal is that everyone who attends thinks that it was worth taking the time out of their busy Sunday schedule to attend the meeting. This is a private meeting, but it is not a “secret” meeting. You are encouraged to talk about anything you hear at this meeting with any LPNY member.

VERY IMPORTANT – even if you talked to me by phone or sent me an e-mail,
please reply to this e-mail and re-confirm your attendance. It is very likely that I will invite one or two more people, but I can’t invite them until I hear from the 13 people who are receiving this e-mail.

I look forward to seeing all of you in 8 days.

Scott Lieberman
Region 2 Alternate, Libertarian National Committee

15 thoughts on “LNC alternate Scott Lieberman, Kristin Davis and supporters to meet in New York

  1. Michael Seebeck

    Uh, why is the Region 2 Alternate FROM CALIFORNIA doing a NEW YORK event?

  2. Paranoid

    Scott Lieberman is obviously circumventing the California ExCom. He should be removed immediately!

    From now on, all meetings of any members in any state with any members from California must be cleared with the officers of the CaLP at least 21 days before hand.

  3. Audrey Capozzi

    It is about time someone did some planning and evaluation prior to the state convention where our candidatees get chosen. This meeting will provide LPNY Stat/Com members and general members with the opportunity to question a prospective candidate on her understanding of the principles of our party, to determine whether she has a fund raising machine developed, what her plans are were she to achieve ballot status (50,000 votes), etc. Another gubernatorial candidate has confirmed his attendance and the third one was invited. Who can object to an exchange of ideas and a
    Q & A period after a tasty brunch?

  4. Eric Dondero

    Wow. Put aside the Kristin Davis candidacy for a moment. That was a super impressive and extremely professional memo from Scott Lieberman. Why can’t we have more of this in the libertarian movement.

    He’s right. Tone down the long-winded speeches. Don’t be nasty during Q&A. And above all remember to tip the waitresses and PAY YOUR RETAURANT/BAR TAB!

  5. Ron Moore

    Scott Lieberman is trying to make the case that Ms. Davis is more likely to meet our objectives than Warren Redlich or Sam Sloan.

    Many of us are skeptical. We have be burnt before by “celebrity” candidates who are more concerned with their own personal objectives than with advancing freedom.

    All three candidates were invited to the meeting. The nomination will still be made at the convention. This gathering has no authority to do otherwise.

    Anyone who would like to meet and question all three candidates for governor (and others) should come to the Manhattan LP monthly meeting April 12th ( see http://www.manhattanlp.org for info). All three candidates have been invited. Sloan and Redlich have confirmed though Redlich will probably be represented by his campaign manager since he will be at Tea Parties upstate that day.

    While I am leaning Redlich I am just about begging Davis to remain in the process but her team is still undecided.

    I am very interested in how New York libertarians and voters in general view this so feel free to email me at ron at manhattanlp dot org.


  6. Chuck Moulton

    Vetting candidates early sounds like a good thing. And there’s nothing wrong with Scott Lieberman advocating for an out of state candidate. I look forward to hearing more about New York’s governor race through IPR.

    Personally I have a lot of respect for Warren Redlich, who is a solid candidate and very committed libertarian. However, I also think celebrity candidates can be a positive for the LP. For example, I believe Howard Stern’s candidacy was a good thing for LP media and made petitioning in NY much easier in later years as Stern’s fans were more willing to sign. In contrast, William Weld took the LPNY for a ride by not living up to his promise to run as a Libertarian even if he lost the Republican nomination.

    If I lived in NY, my vote would depend on the extent to which Kristin Davis’ positions are libertarian and an evaluation on how much media and money she could bring to the race. Warren Redlich would be a good candidate any year, but the window of opportunity to exploit Kristin Davis’ celebrity angle is very short.

  7. clay

    Think about this: does a party that’s trying to become established, a party that ranks SEVENTH IN STATEWIDE VOTER ENROLLMENT IN NEW YORK STATE really think it’s going to do itself any favors by nominating Kristin Davis? In light of New York’s recent troubles, I actually yearn for the good ol days of Spitzer.

  8. LibertarianBlue

    The only problem I see with Davis being the nominee is that her last business venture will be made the face of the campaign. Levy, Lazio, Cuomo, and Paladino who all have a statist streak to some degree will exploit it in order to marginalize her.

  9. paulie Post author

    does a party that’s trying to become established, a party that ranks SEVENTH IN STATEWIDE VOTER ENROLLMENT IN NEW YORK STATE really think it’s going to do itself any favors by nominating Kristin Davis?

    Why yes, they would be quite likely to get 50k votes and not have to petition again for a while.

    In light of New York’s recent troubles, I actually yearn for the good ol days of Spitzer.


  10. clay

    @ Paulie

    Kristin Davis is good for about 40,000 votes at best. She’s a clown. I actually thought Spitzer did an OK job. At least he looked like he was in control of things, before he was outed and before the ID card issue. Like it or not we currently live in a big government state. When state workers don’t get paid families get hurt. I’m not saying I like things this way I’m saying that this is how it is. Who do you think has pissed off more people – Spitzer, or Paterson?

  11. Trent Hill


    I think you’re quite wrong. Davis will raise tons of money, get tons of “joke votes” and protest votes, and get tons of free media.

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