Moderate Party of Rhode Island Gubernatorial candidate Ken Block firms up campaign team

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Legendary Political Advisors Arthur J. Finkelstein and Jamestown Associates join the campaign; Moderate Party Executive Director Hunsinger named Block Campaign Director

Warwick, RI-Working to help rebuild the promise of Rhode Island, Ken Block’s campaign for Governor announced today that legendary political consultant Arthur J. Finkelstein and the media advisors of Jamestown Associates will help lead the Block team to victory. Finklestein will provide the Block campaign with advice and polling, while Jamestown will lead advertising and strategy. Also, founding Moderate Party Executive Director Christine Hunsinger was named Campaign Director by Block.

“Even in the short time since our announcement we are attracting the country’s brightest talent from across the political spectrum to our cause,” said candidate Ken Block. “People hear our message and are signing on to help bring this state back to economic success. Whether they are volunteers or donors from communities across the state signing up, people can see we are already bringing fresh voices to help guide Rhode Island. Finklestien, Jamestown and Hunsinger are a strong part of what’s needed to guide this campaign to victory.”

Arthur J. Finkelstein has produced victories for clients around the world, including in the United States, Canada, Israel and Eastern Europe. Finkelstein has masterminded successful campaigns for countless candidates, including Rhode Island’s own Governor Lincoln Almond, Governor George Pataki, Senator Alfonse D’Amato, Senator Connie Mack, Congressman Connie Mack, Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Romanian Prime Minister Calin Popescu-Tariceanu.

For more than 20 years, Jamestown has earned a reputation for excellence in producing outstanding television, radio and direct mail campaigns throughout the country. Jamestown’s list of clients includes campaigns by Governor Chris Christie, Governor Jodi Rell, Governor George Pataki, Senator Al D’Amato, Congressmen Mike Ferguson, Leonard Lance, Connie Mack, Christopher Shays, Lee Terry, Tim Walberg, Sam Johnson and Congresswomen Mary Bono, as well as persuasive, award-winning advertising efforts on behalf of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Freedom’s Watch and the Chamber of Commerce.

“I am honored to take the reins of Ken’s campaign. He has energized people throughout this state,” said Hunsinger, a graduate of Brown University who takes over as Campaign Director after a successful seven-month tenure as Moderate Party ED and has worked extensively in campaigns. “The addition of these high-level political professional just supports what we’ve known all along, that Ken Block and the Moderate Party message is what the people of Rhode Island have been looking for.”

Kahlil Byrd, a graduate of Morehouse College and Harvard University who joined the campaign in February, will act as the teams Political Strategist. Byrd is former Communications Director for Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s winning campaign and Communications Director for the campaign of Republican Senate candidate Jeff Beatty. He runs Sung Media Ventures, a Boston political consulting firm.

The campaign has also brought on a number of recent college graduates with a variety of skills, degrees and backgrounds to support the communications, field efforts, volunteer recruitment and to plan for GOTV (Get Out The Vote). Ken Block’s political journey began with the fighting and winning of a federal lawsuit to and gathering 34,000 signatures to form the Moderate Party Since the announcement of his candidacy Rhode Islanders have provided support, donations and signed up to volunteer. Ken Block has an aggressive schedule of campaigning and community work planned throughout Rhode Island’s thirty-nine cities and towns.

And at Ballot Access News:

On April 27, Ken Block, the gubernatorial nominee of the Moderate Party in Rhode Island, announced that he had hired Arthur J. Finkelstein to be his campaign consultant. Finkelstein is famous and usually helps Republican candidates. Here is the wiki article about him:

2 thoughts on “Moderate Party of Rhode Island Gubernatorial candidate Ken Block firms up campaign team

  1. Peter Gemma

    I worked directly with Arthur Finkelstein in a few campaigns – he’s brilliant. If the Moderate Party lives up to its promise, they could doom Linc Chafee’s Independent bid by drawing off some of his (liberal/moderate) GOP base. In that case the Democrats win.

  2. JoeSixPack

    There’s no question that Finkelstein coming in to support Block and the Moderates is a major coup.

    It also shows Block is in the race to win.

    If Chafee hopes to attract the centrist voters that the Moderate Party appeals to, he needs to seriously rethink his position voiced before the House Finance Committee that State Employee Benefits and Pensions should be “left alone.”

    Chafee is telling public employees what they WANT to hear – specifically that if he’s Governor it will be “hands off” their unaffordable benefits and pensions.

    Block is poised to tell voters what they NEED to hear – and Finkelstein is the perfect consultant to make that the winning message.

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