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Transpartisan progressive group in Washington forms, chooses US Senate candidate

Press release:

On January 10, 2010 a group of long time activists from inside and outside the Democratic, Green, and Progressive Parties united to form a broad coalition. This coalition, composed of Democrats and Republicans, individual activists , and third-party supporters, has united to support an independent candidate for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Patty Murray. This campaign will serve as a protest movement against the corporate-owned political system currently in the hands of the Democrats and Republicans. We invite all interested persons and groups to join the coalition.

She came in her tennis shoes…send her out with our boot!


The Government is not working! Well, perhaps it is working for a very wealthy few, but most definitely not for most people, and this is the core problem today. We all know this and can see the activity around the country expressing outrage. This is the 2010 issue and we intend to make this campaign a resolution on the two party system. The “Tea Party Movement” of late is a good example of this frustration, but they have been confused and diverted by corporate interests into thinking that limiting or even eliminating government altogether is the solution. However, we Progressives know the real solution is working within the system to make it work for all. To allow corporatists to continue to dominate government (let alone to abandon all social power to them) only means government will continue to serve corporate interests instead of those of the people, with ever-deteriorating consequences.

To focus attention, the Senate Search Committee of the Washington State Progressive Electoral Coalition has selected an outstanding candidate to run for the U.S. Senate and bring attention to the goal of fixing government, instead of just blaming it (or worse, pretending it is fine).

Dr. Richard Curtis, a philosophy instructor with expertise in religion and politics and a long-time political activist, is considering taking up the charge for the coalition and representing it as we seek to either unseat the incumbent, or to force her, and those old-style two-party thinkers who tolerate the status quo, to actually fight for the interests of the American people instead of multinational corporations.

Given the national significance of this effort, individual endorsements from prominent intellectuals and activists are already arriving. To date these include: Dr. Michael Parenti (Author and Political Scientist), Cynthia McKinney (former Democratic Congresswoman and Green Presidential Candidate), Cindy Sheehan (anti-war activist), Dr. Robert M. Bowman, Lt. Col., USAF, ret. ( former Director of Advanced Space Programs Development for the U.S. Air Force), and Ed Asner (Past President of the Screen Actors Guild, actor and activist) .

Maryrose Asher, 206-567-0593 (home), 206-419-4148 (cell),

Dave Jette, 206-789-8660,


  1. Constitution Party Socialist Constitution Party Socialist April 19, 2010

    Thank God for Washington’s beautiful Top Two party, which will prevent Richard Curtis from stealing Murray’s votes and handing the seat to the Republicans. But Curtis sounds like a great man; we need more philosophers in government, so ideas like Constitution Party Socialism will be more acceptable.

  2. Gene Berkman Gene Berkman April 19, 2010

    Dr Michael Parenti is a long-time activist in the Communist Party who has defended Soviet domination of East Europe, and praised Mao tse-Tung’s policies in China. Touting an endorsement by Michael Parenti is not likely to win independent voters to your cause.

  3. d.eris d.eris April 19, 2010

    In an article on Curtis I happened to read a few months back, he was quoted as saying that the top two system was one of the reasons why they decided the effort was worth a shot.

  4. Scott West Scott West April 19, 2010

    I don’t think Parenti is a member of the CPUSA. He is a democratic socialist. But it’s all the same to some people.

  5. paulie paulie April 20, 2010

    From the endorsement list above, is it fair to surmise that Dr. Curtis believes that 9/11 was an inside job and that a new investigation into 9/11 should be one of the top issues for the US Senate to deal with in its upcoming term?

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