Blogger Discovers The Modern Whigs

From the blog, Moderate Third Party: Common Sense by way of Septimus at The Whig

I title this post “Common Sense” based on my initial classification of this blog. It is also the Title of a great writing by Thomas Paine, which he wrote anonymously and boldly calling for a declaration of independence. We now have a party called “Modern Whig Party” that echoes Common Sense in our political discourse. I find myself very excited about this party, which stands for the beliefs I have and the need for our country to bring common sense back to the American people.

The Modern Whig Party was created by war veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts in 2008, as a veterans advocacy group. It has expanded into a moderate party that has a basic common sense platform on the issues.

I know it is hard, because I feel the emotional tug inside myself about stepping away from our two party system and supporting something totally new and different, even something called “Whig”.

Believe it or not we have so much power to make this happen, power in numbers, power in common sense platform. All we need is the individual power to ACT NOW without fear or hesitation.

NOW is the time, do not fear what will happen if the “other” party wins because I voted for a third party. We need to be strong and broaden our shoulders and take the step away from R & D, and vote for ourselves.

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