Britain’s first Green MP could play key role in forming government

From the Argus:

Caroline Lucas could hold the key to a new Government power-sharing agreement…

The Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru have called for a ‘progressive alliance’ government involving all of the minority parties.

The left-wing nationalists have suggested joining forces with Labour and the Liberal Democrats to form the Government to form a so-called ‘rainbow alliance’ and have invited Caroline Lucas, as leader of the Green Party, on board.

Dr Lucas told The Argus she wanted to look at the finer details of any proposal but broadly welcomed the idea of working together.

13 thoughts on “Britain’s first Green MP could play key role in forming government

  1. NewFederalist

    From what I have been watching on the BBC the Labour MPs from Scotland have no interest in working with the SNP. The so called Lib-Lab pacts does not appear workable due to sheer numbers (or lack thereof) of seats and reduced overall percentage of the vote. I doubt the single Green MP will make much of a difference but it is a great opportunity for her to to grab attention for her party.

  2. MN Indy

    Probably for the best that this won’t happen. The UK’s minor parties could really hurt themselves if they prop up Labour, which the election shows is clearly unpopular.

  3. Ross Levin Post author

    It doesn’t look like it is happening. Supposedly Cameron (the Conservative) is the new PM. I wish the Greens there the best in any case.

  4. tiradefaction

    A lib/lab coalition would be good for pushing the cause of proportional representation. Labour is weakened, and could be pushed to support it. Also, would be nice to not have a tory government as well!

  5. tiradefaction

    Wow, the Lib Dems formed a coalition with the Cons…honestly, that makes me think a lot less of them. We´ll see what happens…

  6. tiradefaction


    Well maybe I spoke too soon. But in a coalition with the Cons, I don´t see proportional representation happening, nor any of their other platforms, such as a withdrawal of forces in Iraq, eliminating student tuition, renewed focus on renewable energy, etc. If they can get PR though, then it won´t really matter because then they will finally have a better chance at a general election, and will not need the tories!

  7. Green Party Conservative

    A great idea for the Green Party, and the Scotish National Party – that is a Green Party affiliate in Europe’s Parliament.

    Sadly it died a quick death.

    The Liberal Democrats formed a coalition with the Conservatives. I rather doubt they’ll ever see proportional representation now..

  8. tiradefaction


    I agree GPC, why would the tories push forth proportional representation when they are at a point of strength? It would only hurt them after all. Maybe the Lib Dems can still pull it off though…

  9. paulie

    why would the tories push forth proportional representation when they are at a point of strength?

    Well, if the coalition hinges on that, they may have to.

  10. Erik G.

    To be fair, part of their coalition is contingent upon the government holding a referendum on the alternative vote (IRV here in the states). That’s at least a start.

  11. tiradefaction

    @11, 12

    Oh well, if that is the case, I hope the British people vote for electoral reform!

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