CA Green candidate for governor releases tax returns before Democratic and Republican opponents

Laura Wells, who is running for the Green Party’s nomination for California governor, has released her tax returns before Democratic candidate Jerry Brown and Republican Meg Whitman, who is said to be worth about one billion dollars.  More from News Blaze (read the full article here):

Democrat Jerry Brown, who owns expensive real estate and whose family runs an oil import business, is backed by two campaign committees with more than $40 million pledged.

All three said in March that they would release their returns if their opponents would do likewise, but none has.

“If the tax returns of all candidates running for Governor in the June primary were released, I believe we would get a very good education about what’s gone wrong in our economy,” Wells said.

“Looking at the way big-money interests control the two ‘Titanic’ parties, it’s not surprising that their elected officials have consistently shifted California’s resources away from the general public and into the pockets of mega-corporations and billionaires,” she added.

Like the majority of Californians who cannot take advantage of tax loopholes for the wealthy, Wells took the standard deduction each year. Her annual gross income in those years varied significantly, but never surpassed $70,000. She has been semi-retired since 2006.

“I’m running because Californians deserve a chance to vote for someone like themselves, not just candidates of the super-rich who cannot understand the struggles of working Californians,” Wells said.

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  1. constitution party

    Can Chelene Nightingale for governor 2010 california release her tax returns for VOTERS TO SEE? If she has nothing to hide she would do this. WE the voters deserve to know whom wants the top job here in CA!!! come clean Nightingale

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