Darryl Perry Nominates Himself For Chair, Advises Delegates to Join Boston Tea Party

At the end of nomination for chair candidates, Bill Redpath asked if there were any other nomination for chairman of the Libertarian Party. Darryl Perry of Alabama walked to the mic and nominated himself as a candidate. Current chairman  Bill Redpath accepted his nomination, with a sigh, and welcomed him to make a nomination speech. Perry then made a speech in which he claimed he was “not a legitimate chair candidate”–which I assume means he did not want people to actually vote for him. However, he spoke against a bylaw which disallows candidates to be members of multiple parties. He then advised everyone in the room to join the Boston Tea Party and to vote for Ernie Hancock for Chair.

The founder of the Boston Tea Party, Thomas Knapp, said on twitter that it was a “real dick move” and “As BTP founder, I repudiate that action.”

22 thoughts on “Darryl Perry Nominates Himself For Chair, Advises Delegates to Join Boston Tea Party

  1. Zero Party Revolution

    Darryll, just forget political parties and go back to being an independent, like you were as a Senate candidate a couple years ago. You will continue to be frustrated until you join the Zero Party Revolution.

  2. Trent Hill Post author


    There was a pretty loud round of boo’ing–and I’m wondering why on EARTH he thought that’d be a good idea?

  3. Tom Blanton

    Hey, I used to be the Chair of that BTP outfit. I don’t know why anyone would want to be the Chair for two parties. I’m not sure why I thought it would be a good idea to be the Chair for one of them.

    Darryl Perry must be confused if he wants to be two chairs. Maybe he is actually just too tents. Xanax would fix that.

  4. JT

    Whatever you were trying to do, it was douchey. And it seems like pretty much everyone agrees.

  5. Trent Hill Post author

    If you didnt intend to run for chair, then why did you nominate yourself? It’s foolish. There is a legitimate time to discuss the “Keaton Rule”, during bylaws discussions, but this was not it.

    Furthermore, you did not “only” intend to raise awareness of the Keaton rule. You also told delegates to join another party from the stage of their national convention–a real douchey move.

  6. Michael Seebeck

    What Keaton Rule?

    Angela never was a member of the BTP, period. She wore a BTP tank top once as a favor to someone, that was it. As a close friend and the one who snapped the photo that led to the overblown brouhaha over nothing, I know the whole story, and there was nothing to it.

    That Bylaw exists for a reason, which it prevent cross-contamination of our leadership. It’s a proper Bylaw and I think I can safely say it’s not going to be repealed.

  7. Alan Pyeatt

    Darryl, why did you choose to involve Ernest Hancock in your shenanigans? Were you TRYING to undermine his support?

  8. Jim Davidson

    Darryl, if you had asked anyone before you did this thing you would have been advised not to do it. I thought you might be about to nominate Dan Kilo but when you nominated yourself I walked out. No way was I going to sit through such an embarrassing moment. Really, dude, get an entourage of people you can trust and bounce ideas off them. You’ll need a lot of good advice if you plan to run for president in 2016. If you had asked me, I would have advised against this action.

  9. paulie

    Between Bodenhausen falling asleep through, among other things, Wayne Root’s speech, and Darryl Perry doing this, heckling various speakers, etc., Alabama was well represented, LOL. We also had myself, Jake Witmer and his cousin Jamie, JD Crownover, Michael Colley (who never actually sat with us) and some old dude whose name I don’t remember.

    The Witmers came in just to vote for Root, Starr, Rutherford and Mattson, as far as I know they did not stick around. When I saw her Jamie had “Mobile AL” on her name tag so I did a double take…I asked Jake if he got married when we were in Mobile without telling me. He said no, that it was his cousin. I guess he didn’t spend enough time in the western and southern portions of Mobile County to know that this did not answer my question, LOL.

  10. kevin knedler

    I am glad to see the comments above. There is hope that most of us see the need to “grow up”, evolve, show some class, and stop embarrassing ourselves in front of so many people that want to vote for us. We can have different opinions, but “idiot-behavior” hurts all of us. We can do this everyone!

  11. Jim Davidson

    Yes, Trent, by all means, blame the victim of theft for being upset that his booth was ransacked and the chairs he had rented for the weekend were stolen from his booth. You and every other “libertarian” who thinks I should be ashamed of being upset by such disgusting, vile, and thieving behaviour should go to hell. Like Holz-in-his-thinking, Trent, if you were on fire, I would not piss on you to save your life.

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