FL Senate: Poll Shows Independent Crist in the Lead, Libertarian Snitker Gains on Democrat

The Snitker campaign has released an internal poll which found 2.5% support for the Libertarian candidate, who appears to be gaining on Democrat Kendrick Meek, who garnered only 9% support.  Charlie Crist remained the front runner with 40% support.  From the Snitker campaign website:

In a poll released today, 2.5% of registered Florida voters said they would vote for Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Alexander Snitker if the election were held today. Even more surprising is that the number jumped to 12% of likely voters who said they were familiar with Snitker. This is the first scientific poll to include Snitker.

The poll, commissioned by the Snitker campaign and conducted by Telsel, Inc. of St. Augustine, surveyed 505 registered voters selected at random from the 2010 Florida Division of Elections database. Of the 505 respondents, 447 said they are likely to vote in the November 2010 election.

The party affiliation breakdown among respondents was 43% Democrat, 43% Republican, and 14% third party or NPA.

The question asked was, “If the election were held today, which Senate candidate would you vote for?” The survey listed the candidates in the order in which they will appear on the ballot. The results were rounded to nearest half percentage point.

Candidate All Respondents Likely Voters
Marco Rubio (R) 32.0% 33.5%
Kendrick Meek (D) 9.0% 9.5%
Alexander Snitker (L) 2.5% 2.5%
Charlie Crist (NPA) 40.0% 40.0%
Undecided 16.5% 14.5%

17 thoughts on “FL Senate: Poll Shows Independent Crist in the Lead, Libertarian Snitker Gains on Democrat

  1. NewFederalist

    Didn’t the CP qualify a nominee for this race as well? I wonder how he would have done if he had been included in this poll. I realize this poll was paid for by the LP nominee’s campaign but I still wonder why they would not include all candidates in the race. I guess it is possible they did do one with all candidates but this result made for a better news release.

  2. Vaughn

    Speaking as a Green…I’m getting turned off by the influx of conservatism into the Libertarian party. Issues like gay rights are near and dear to a lot of Greens and they aren’t going to vote for a Libertarian candidate that is opposed to it. I don’t know Snitker’s views but do you really think that Progressives (Green or otherwise) are going to vote for Snitker if he is associated with the 9/12 project?

  3. Darcy G Richardson

    Good point, Vaughn. One also wonders how much appeal a candidate like Snitker can possibly have on the left when he enthusiastically supports the Fair Tax — a particularly regressive tax in a low-wage state like Florida.

  4. Trent Hill

    The FairTax is certainly regressive in that it raises taxes on the lower income–but it is not regressive in the sense that it will tax the lower-income individuals MORE than any other income level. Indeed, it will tax them exactly the same amount, per dollar spent. The FairTax even includes a rebate for all families and individuals which is supposed to cover the tax-cost of basic-items like bread and water.

    For the record, I’m not a supporter of the FairTax. I think it’s dumb. I’m just saying–I don’t think it’s particularly regressive.

  5. Green Party Conservative

    Thanks for interesting post and numbers.

    Vaughn, nice to see another Green Party leader posting.

    I’d like to see the Green Party nominate and endorse Crist.

    The guy showed amazing courage to join the Independent ranks.

    …and across the big pond in the Independent newspaper today..

    Green Party founder Petra Kelly is remembered in Caroline Lucas’s first speech in Parliament..

    A historic moment for anyone who cares about the environment

    By Michael McCarthy, Environment Editor

    Friday, 28 May 2010
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    Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green Party. It is the first time in decades a new national party has taken a seat at Westminster

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    History doesn’t always come in thunderclaps or cheering crowds, and yesterday it was made with very little outward fuss when a woman in a pale blue trouser suit got to her feet from a green leather bench and began to speak.

    It was precisely 3.30 in the afternoon, and the Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, Hugh Bayley, had just issued a two-word invitation: “Caroline Lucas.” And with that, the first MP of the Green Party, in fact the first MP of a new national party for many years, began her maiden speech and her party’s political life at Westminster. Henceforth, the environment has its own representation in our politics.


  6. Zero Party Revolution

    Robert Milnes, please focus on getting Crist to endorse PLAS. It makes much more sense. And it looks like Green Party Conservative is agreeing with me on that one issue.

    But you’re both too attached to political parties.

  7. Zero Party Revolution

    Zero Party Revolution would like to endorse Charlie Crist in his independent run for Senate, along with the many other independent candidates running across the country. Meek and Snitker should rop out in order to ensure the success of the Zero Party Revolution candidate, Charlie Crist, who is leading the destruction of political parties worldwide, quicker than you could possibly imagine.

  8. Robert Milnes

    Vaughn, Darcy Richardson, ok,ok, take a deep breath & chill for a few, ok?
    We can’t expect PLAS to start perfectly. Snitker isn’t perhaps the best possible candidate. But he is there. He has stepped up to the plate. We need for Libertarian & Green candidates to start winning. Let’s overlook the zits on Snitker & the spots of green puke around. If we try for 50/50 the next Green, whoever-will get support.
    As we start winning we can argue about policies & candidate shortcomings.

  9. David Shipp

    For the record and to refute Trent Hill. Fairtax is not dumb if you research it. It is most Definitely not regressive and definitely saves the poor, tax money as there is NO tax up to the poverty level. The current tax punishes production and drives business to other countries. The Fairtax eliminates The Federal Government, skimming from the production of US goods. Please get your facts corrected. Start your research here. http://www.fairtax.org/site/PageServer?pagename=about_main

  10. philT

    Wow! when was the last time you had an actual candidate respond to you directly.
    Get used to it. Alex Snitker is the real deal.
    Friends do not let friends vote for corrupt career politicians. Which is what Meek, Crist and Rubio all are.
    And if you really want to learn about the fair tax.
    Go here:

    Now you will be educated and understand why Alex is gaining so much popularity.
    BTW, he is an 8 year Marine and fought for the very freedom of speech the other three are denying him.
    They and the media should be ashamed!

  11. paulie

    And if you really want to learn about the fair tax (sic).
    Go here:











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