GPUS: ‘If Greens can win a seat in the UK, we can win one or more seats in Congress here in America’

Press release from the Green Party national HQ emailed to

US Greens congratulate Caroline Lucas, the UK’s first Green Party
member of Parliament, on her election victory

• Colombian Green presidential candidate Antanas Mockus holds a strong lead in polls, may become the first Green Party head of a national government

• Green Party Speakers Bureau: Greens available to speak on foreign policy

• The Green Party’s 2010 Annual National Meeting, Detroit, Michigan,
June 24-27

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WASHINGTON, DC — The Green Party of the United States congratulates Caroline Lucas and British Greens on Ms. Lucas’ election to the House of Commons on May 6. Ms. Lucas, the first Green member of Parliament, will represent Brighton Pavilion.

“The election of the first Green to the British House of Commons is cause for celebration among Greens in the US and for everyone who wants to see a new direction in politics and an end to the stranglehold of the pro-war pro-corporate old parties,” said Cynthia
McKinney, the Green Party’s 2008 nominee for President of the United States and former member of the US House of Representatives from Georgia. “If Greens can win a seat in the UK, we can win one or more seats in Congress here in America.”

While Ms. Lucas is the only Green Member of Parliament, the Scottish Green Party holds two seats in the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood and there are two Green members in the London Assembly. 13 Green city councillors serve in Brighton and Hove.

“Caroline’s victory was not achieved by watering down the Green message, but by standing for it firmly by advocating economic fairness, social justice, and environmental well-being, showing that voters will support a truly Green alternative when presented with the option. With this in mind, we support Caroline’s call for a referendum on enacting proportional representation for the UK, so that the Green Party’s true level of support can be realized,” said Mike Feinstein, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States. Mr.
Feinstein contributed a foreward to Ms. Lucas’ book ‘Green Alternatives to Globalisation’ (Pluto Press, April 2004,

While the Green Party of England and Wales expressed elation over the victory, Ms. Lucas said, “[Brighton voters] have shown that they are prepared to put their trust in the Greens, despite the overwhelming national media focus on the three largest parties and a voting system that is fundamentally undemocratic. I feel humbled by their trust in me, and I am excited by this vote of confidence and I’m looking forward to the challenging task of fully representing the voters of Brighton.”

Videos of Caroline Lucas are posted on the web sites of the BBC
and The Guardian

US Green Party leaders also noted that polls in Colombia show Antanas Mockus, the Green Party presidential candidate, in the lead in the Colombian national election ( Since the beginning of the campaign in March, Mr. Mockus moved from 9% to 39% and now leads Juan Manuel Santos of the ruling ‘U’ Party by 12 percentage points going into Colombia’s first ballot.

If Antanas Mockus maintains his lead, he will become the first ever Green Party head of a national government. Mr. Mockus, former mayor of Bogota, is credited with leading the ‘Bogota Miracle,’ which revitalized a crime-ridden city with sprawling slums.


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“Historic win for Greens in tight Brighton race”
The Guardian (UK), May 7, 2010

The Green Party’s 2010 Annual National Meeting, Detroit, Michigan,
June 24-27

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12 thoughts on “GPUS: ‘If Greens can win a seat in the UK, we can win one or more seats in Congress here in America’

  1. Richard Winger

    British Greens planned this victory for years in advance. They found their best possible candidate and then chose the best possible district. They are fortunate that Britain has no residency requirement for candidates for House of Commons, and not even a tradition that the candidate needs to have ever lived in the district. If the US Greens want to imitate the British Greens, they should already have picked out the best possible candidate and also picked out the best district, something the Canadian Greens are currently doing in preparation for the next Canadian election. It is also worth noting that the population of national legislative districts in Britain and Canada are far lower than US House seats in the U.S.

  2. Trent Hill

    Greens certainly could get elected with vigorous campaigns in San Francisco, given enough money, time, preparation, and a great candidate.

  3. Natale Straccuzzi

    Richard Winger is correct about the Green Party.

    The Green Party press release is also correct.

    Here’s what the Green Party needs to do to get elected.

    Put Green Party candidates on the ballot in every race. All 435 U.S. House Seates.
    All 34 U.S. Senate seats.

    From that group is bound to emerge strong candidates. In some of the races lighting can and will strike by candidates of one or the other larger parties quitting.

    And the truth is also this. The Green Party needs a serious multi millionaire candidate, or multi billionaire candidates, who can self finance.

    Both of the larger parties elect by in large millionaires…

  4. Spin, spin, spin, spin .......... Lake

    ……… the UK has a parliament
    ……. The USA has an electorial
    college and a congress

    ………. the UK uses metric
    ………. the USA does not

    ………. the UK is post empire
    ………. the USA is not

    ………. the UK uses symbol signage
    ……… the USA uses English print

    ……… the UK drives on wrong side
    of the road
    ……… the USA does not

    …….. the UK greens have allies
    with a large spectrum of society
    ……… the USA greens can not
    even links with veterans groups

    ……… the UK greens are growing
    and expanding
    …….. the USA greens are not

    [they are not similar, much
    less ‘the same’]

    [good ole non Democan and non
    Republicrat bull shit hype]

  5. Gene Berkman

    A parliamentary district in the UK has about 100,000 residents, while a Congressional district in the US has close to 700,000 residents.

    It is much easier to carry out a campaign based on meeting the voters and giving public speeches in the UK. A candidate for Congress in the US relies on expensive tv & radio ads along with large volumen, repetitive direct mail.

    Britain’s Green parliamentarian enters a House of Commons with 85 members of alternative parties. The US House of Representatives is completely composed of Democrats and Republicans.

    US Greens thinking they can elect a Congressman as easily as the UK Greens elected a member of Commons need to look at the uphill climb they have.

  6. MN Indy

    The dirty secret no one talks about is that the House Reps entrenched themselves much better when they capped the number of Reps that could be elected to the House at 435. The Founders intended the number of Reps to keep growing along with the population.

    The perversion of this system is also yet another reason why filling out the census is a useless exercise.

  7. Green Party Conservative


    Thanks. You are correct on most points.

    The U.S. House has people like Ron Paul, and Dennis Kuchinch who are very nominally members of the larger two parties.

    Paul was after all a candidate for President for the Libertarians, and a VP nominee for the Independent Green Party.

    Dennis has often unofficially flirted with a Green Party presidential run…

  8. Spin, spin, spin, spin .......... Lake

    ………. as nasty as the cap of 435 members of the house is, it is the gerrymandered ‘safe district’ that is the real clincher!

    ……… Kuchinch ??????????? Oh, Shirley McClain’s buddy ????????? Oh, Mister UFO ????????? (Speaking of staying in ‘safe districts’ ……..)

  9. Derek

    Hey GPC,

    Would you favor a alliance between the Constitution, Libertarian and Green parties?

  10. Spin, spin, spin, spin .......... Lake

    Derek, you are aware the GPC aka GP Fan is a member of the Independent Greens of Virginia, an opaque, secretive, nebular, unfocused political group ??????? You are advised to approach them and the CUIP guys slowly and with eyes open!

  11. MORE BRITAIN .......... Lake

    Nick Griffin, BNP Leader

    The mainstream media on both sides of the Atlantic has uniformly portrayed the British election as a standoff between the Conservatives, Labor and the Liberals (which it was) and completely ignored the rise of the British National Party (BNP).

    For those not familiar with the BNP it is a party that wants to end immigration into Britain, offer incentives to have current immigrants depart the country, stop government thievery, reduced government spending, leave the European Union, protect the rights of the indigenous people (Whites), pull its troops out of Afghanistan and end free trade.

    The British major media has conducted an unrelenting campaign of vilification against the BNP with the usual name calling of racists, xenophobes, right-wing fascists, etc. The BNP is never described in the British press with an adjective in front of it, the “right-wing BNP,” or the “ultra right-wing BNP” are two favorite descriptions. Of course, it never describes the labor party as the “socialist-Marxist, ultra left Labour Party.” Nor, does it describe the Conservatives as the mirror image of Labour Party, but just slightly more upmarket.

    This vilification is similar to the current vilification of the Tea Party movement in the United States and the former vilification of the Minutemen on the Arizona border, who were always described as vigilantes. Yet, there was never one violent incident charged against either group.

  12. paulie Post author

    the rise of the British National Party (BNP).

    What rise? That’s spin at best.

    racists, xenophobes, right-wing fascists,

    All true in regards to the BNP.

    Of course, it never describes the labor party as the “socialist-Marxist, ultra left Labour Party.”

    They are not.

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