Green Party of Texas Likely To Make It Onto Ballot

Richard Winger reports that the Green Party of Texas is likely to make it onto the ballot:

Texas Greens are optimistic that their petition drive for 2010 will succeed. The deadline is Monday, May 24. Here is the link to the party’s web page electronic petition. However, the party is depending almost entirely on old-fashioned signatures on paper.

If the party does get on the ballot in Texas in 2010, it is almost certain to poll enough votes to also appear on the 2012 ballot, because this year no Democrat is running for State Comptroller. Greens do have a candidate for that office, as do Libertarians and Republicans. It is very likely the Green candidate for Comptroller will poll 5% and extend the party’s ballot status into 2012.

The Green Party candidate for State Comptroller is Edward Lindsay.

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