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Idaho Libertarian Times Podcast # 32: George Phillies, Prop 14 in California & the National Convention

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Podcast#32 Sat May 22 2010

George Phillies comments on Proposition 14 in California & gives useful website links to help defeat it & talks about this week in his campaign & the upcoming Libertarian Convention in St. Louis.  or
contact: Beau Cain, 1-877 884 1776
go to the prop14 link to signup to help stop this bad idea.
Organizations listed as openly opposing this dreadful proposition: 
[When a coalition of this broadly different organizations come to consensus on an issue you need to stop & think about the issues ramifications if aproved.]
1.      Free and Equal Elections Foundation
2.      Californians for Electoral Reform
3.      Coalition for Free and Open Elections
4.      FairVote
5.      Orange County Register
6.      Eastern Group Publications
7.      North County Times
8.      Napa Valley Register
9.      Visalia Times-Delta
10.     San Francisco Bay Guardian
11.     Independent Political Report
12.     NAACP of California
13.     Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry of California
14.     Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition
15.     California League of Conservation Voters
16.     California Young Democrats
17.     ACLU of Southern California
18.     Voters for Peace
19.     California Labor Federation
20.     California Teachers Association
21.     GreenChange
22.     Libertarian Party of California
23.     Green Party of California
24.     Peace and Freedom Party of California
25.     Republican Party of California
26.     Democratic Party of California
27.     ACLU of Northern California
28.     San Diego Democratic Club
29.     Marin Peace and Justice Coalition
30.    Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce


  1. Go on a radio show Go on a radio show May 25, 2010

    Why doesn’t Phillies get on the John and Ken Show. LOL.

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