Independence Party Candidate Tom Horner Polls 9-10%

In polling conducted this week by SurveyUSA on the Minnesota gubernatorial election, public relations executive Tom Horner, the nominee of the Independence Party, scored either 9 or 10%. Horner plans to begin running ads, on radio and online.

A press release says the ad buy (including Internet advertising, which will include ads on MinnPost) will cost about $30,000 a week. The ad, which is already available online, starts with a woman reading a faux nursery rhyme:”Mr. Tom Horner sat in a corner, watching the Dems and Repubs

“And thought: ‘With all of this fighting, it’s the people their slighting.

“Can’t they just take off their gloves.'”

It ends with Horner voicing this motto: “Stop arguing about who’s right, and start doing what’s right for Minnesota.”

The radio ad can be heard here.

10 thoughts on “Independence Party Candidate Tom Horner Polls 9-10%

  1. Ross Levin

    Oh, wow, another strong non duopoly candidate for governor. And from a party that already won this race once. I don’t want to get my hopes too high…

  2. Trent Hill Post author

    Don’t. He isnt likely to win, I don’t think.

    With that said, this is a year for independents and Horner has money.

    Also: I saw you’re a fan of Ben Folds. +10 cool points.

  3. Danny S

    I wouldn’t talk Horner down too much though. Normally the IP has the problem of ‘spoiling’ the Democrats, but here we have an IPer who is a former Republican and can appeal to that constituency in a Republican year.

  4. Trent Hill Post author

    I havent spoken to Jason in months, I should. He defriended me because he was unable to convince me of anarcho-capitalism =\. Still, nice guy.

    Danny S–I agree. I think Horner has more appeal to the right than the left. This should allow the IP to expand their base.

  5. Ross Levin

    Ha, you should get back on his good side 🙂

    He is a nice guy, and honestly he did influence my political thinking a lot. Who knows, he was a Green before he was an anarcho-capitalist, so maybe I’m the next GE!

  6. Trent Hill Post author

    He influenced me plenty, too. He admitted I influenced him quite a bit too. Dunno why that pissed him off so much, lol.

  7. Peter Tharaldson

    Hi All-

    10% is a good starting point for our candidates. Dean Barkley was at about 6% starting out and climbed to 16% while being outspent 30 to 1. In Minnesota we have some campaign financing at state races and Mr. Horner is a good fundraiser to boot. He is following Angus Kings strategy of advertising early.

    One big big thing this year is that there is no senate of presidential election. That is a big deal for a state party like ours. Last time like that was twelve years a go.

    As for spoiling democrats…none of that nonsense here (Democrats like that cuz they can’t win this race). In 2006 a local pollster called it an even effect. In 2002…well Mr. Penny was ahead until the last three weeks.

    There is long long road to be sure…but if we fight well and hard this year, learning from past mistakes, Mr. Horner can get over the 20% in early Fall which seems to be a tipping for contention.

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